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Vision and Values 

Believing is achieving

We believe that Bedfont Primary School children are uniquely talented individuals. No matter their starting points, we will nurture their love of learning so they can reach their full potential. We believe that by recognising and celebrating our diverse community, we will create global citizens that can improve their local community and the world around them. We believe that our children should be taught how to be effective team players and excellent leaders. We believe that through challenging learning experiences, our children will develop the resilience to succeed. We believe every child deserves equal opportunities of experience both in and out of school.

We believe our parents have a key role in pupil learning and development. Through school-parent workshops, a resource-rich website and parent-pupil learning experiences, we give our community of parents the skills needed to further enhance their child’s learning.

To reflect the diverse needs of our children and the community they live in, we have created a curriculum that is both broad and balanced. We believe that focusing on oral skills from entry to Bedfont Primary School leads to the language dexterity needed to succeed in our increasingly media-driven society. We believe that learning must have a purpose and that purposeful, intended outcomes motivate children. 

Our teachers take a creative approach when planning learning experiences. Learning experiences are challenging opportunities where experimenting, investigating, expressing opinions and making informed choices allow our children become happy confident learners. These experiences can occur in school or out of school.

Bedfont Primary School’s aim is to create a safe and happy learning environment. The children learn the importance of morals so they can be responsible citizens within our community.  These are rooted in morals such as honesty, tolerance and respect. We expect our children to be ambitious and trustworthy, taking personal responsibility for their actions.

The staff at Bedfont Primary School put the child at the centre of all they do. We believe that a culture of learning must exist throughout our school so we put a heavy emphasis on staff development and creating school leaders of the future.

We celebrate our successes through our core values:

  • Compassion – show kindness and care for others
  • Confidence – to try something new and believe that you can achieve
  • Creativity – to imagine things differently and better
  • Calmness – to be healthy in body and mind
  • Co-operation – to work with others in school and our community
  • Curiosity – to wonder about the world around and develop a love of learning