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Curriculum Enrichment

Safeguarding Curriculum

We have carefully designed our Bedfont Primary School Safeguarding curriculum to ensure that we are promoting the personal development of all children at Bedfont throughout the school year.

Safeguarding Curriculum at BPS

Enrichment for 2023-24

We are in the process of finalising our curriculum visits for the 2023-24 academic year. Information will be shared with families as soon as possible regarding upcoming visits.

For 2023-24, we are also engaging with a variety of visitors to school, who can enhance the children's learning through assemblies, workshops and classroom based sessions.

We have arranged for children in Year 4, 5 and 6 to visit Boston Manor Park this term to learn about, and from, our local area as part of their pilot programme of school workshops.

Year 6 Leadership Group

Throughout the Summer term, we have been supporting Year 6 to develop their leadership skills, ready for their secondary transition. Our Year 6 children have worked alongside Sport Impact for leadership training and then have supported the delivery of KS1 Sports Day, Reception 'Fun on the Field' and have organised and lead a sports event for Year 2 children so that they can see what PE in Year 3 will be like.


Poetry Club

Our poetry club children have been working with Mrs Bhattacharya throughout the term and have entered two competitions: Young Writers' Competition - Poetry Towers and the CLPE Poetry Award (CLiPPA). The children should all be incredibly proud of the poetry they have written: 11 children have had their work selected for publication via the Poetry Towers competition and they all received certificates for participating in the CLiPPA award.


International Day

On Thursday 4th and Friday 5th May, we celebrated International Days at Bedfont Primary School, linked to the Coronation of King Charles' III. Children across the school came into school dressed to represent their culture and background and took part in a number of engaging learning opportunities, including a workshop with a Ska Band.

Maroon Town - Ska Band

 As part of the International Day celebrations, all of the children at Bedfont took part in a singing and dance workshop with Maroon Town, a Ska Band celebrating life in Jamaica. The workshops were enjoyed by all of the children and staff, and we received such fantastic feedback from the band as well.

Maroon Town - Ska Band



Year 2 - Grenada Day with Pte. Milan Cato

As part of the international day celebrations, Kingfisher class chose to celebrate Grenada due to their love for Reggae music - a style of music popular in the Caribbean islands. Pte Cato, from the British armed forces, came to help us in our celebrations. Pte Cato's family were all born in Grenada before settling in the UK. The children thought of questions they could ask Pte Cato about Grenada, such as "What is school like in Grenada?", "What are the most popular food dishes?" and "What is the best part about Grenada?". This gave them a beautiful insight to the country so that they could write repeated verse poems about Grenada. Pte Cato, spent the afternoon teaching children all about a popular drink 'cocoa tea' with the children getting the opportunity to brew their own in order to give to their parents. They a wonderful experience with one child saying "I wish we could do this every day!". 

During his time with the class, he also spoke briefly about his role in the army, played with the children during playtime and took part in some arts and craft activities such as creating their own Grenadian flags. 


Look Out Discovery Centre - Year 2

 On 19th April, Year 2 took part in a visit to the Look Out Discovery Centre in Bracknell. The children (and staff) enjoyed a fantastic day exploring and making dens! Check out what they got up to below.

Look Out Discovery Centre - Year 2

Wisley - Year 1

Year 1 were very excited to experience their first school trip on 28th April. The day started with a coach ride to Wisley Gardens. The children enjoyed spotting lots of different things out of the windows (even the M25 traffic!) At Wisley Gardens each class took part in a gardening workshop. Part of this included planting a seed, as well as taking a cutting from another plant. The children were very happy that they got to take their two plants home to grow.

Each class also had time to explore the grounds, complete observational drawings, and walk around the impressive glasshouse which is home to lots of exotic plants and even a waterfall! It was a tiring but fun day and has created lots of wonderful memories for the children. Thank you again for your contributions and helping us fund this special trip.

Wisley Gardens - Year 1

Chiltern Open Air Museum - Year 4

On 30th March, Year 4 went on a trip to the Chiltern Open Air Museum. The children participated in two workshops; living like an Anglo-Saxon workshop and an archaeological dig. The children had a wonderful time learning how to weave, making an Anglo-Saxon brooch, and examining artefacts.

Chiltern Open Air Museum - Year 4

Plant with your parent - Year 2

Bedfont primary school have huge amounts of outdoor space that we aim to use as alternative learning settings. We have been running a lunch time gardening club for the last few years to give children more experience of being outdoors. In gardening club, children learn to plant and grow both seeds and bulbs, use simple gardening tools and how to make their own compost. Above all they learn how important it is to be amongst and look after nature. We believe this to be an important part of our curriculum as not only does it support children with their science studies, but it helps to support children in their own mental health and wellbeing. It gives them the opportunity to socialise in small group settings, work together on common goals and gives them a sense of pride when they see their flowers and vegetables once they are fully grown. 

We have been opening up out gardening clubs to parents so that they can have some 1-1 time with their children in the outdoors. Children have the opportunity to teach their parents what they have learnt in gardening club - making our community more plant aware. We hope to open up more gardening clubs around the school and have more plant with your parent days.

Plant with your Parent