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Bedfont Primary Baccalaureate

We are proud to share that from September 2024, we will be piloting our new Bedfont Primary Baccalaureate for children in Year 5 and 6, following accreditation from the National Baccalaureate Trust

This accreditation means that Bedfont Primary School is among the first group of Primary Schools with accreditation for a National Baccalaureate and is therefore a pioneer of this approach to curriculum development and accreditation.

The Bedfont Primary Baccalaureate is an exciting new type of leavers’ award for students in their final two years, which acknowledges all  of our young people’s achievements, including academic results as well as their participation in the arts, sport and civic activity.

Every NBT-accredited Baccalaureate programme must include the following three components that a pupil would need to complete in order to be awarded their centre’s Baccalaureate award. 

Core Learning

At Bedfont, the Core Learning element of our Baccalaureate includes the breadth and depth of our Year 5 and 6 curriculum, including as a minimum offer the following opportunities:

  • Visits: UKS2 Residential (in-school alternative activities available);  local visits to Hounslow parks and spaces; the Natural History Museum; a Gurdwara; a Mandir; a Synagogue; and the Science Museum.
  • Wider Enrichment: Year 6 Production (stage or non-stage based opportunities for all); Bikeability; swimming; Year 6 Enterprise week; engagement with Friends of Hatton Fields (wildlife projects and local area studies) and Energy Garden (sustainability and green spaces); and Brentford FC Respect Workshops
  • Core Coverage: Bedfont Curriculum planning, with a minimum requirement as follows: 10 x Science experiments; 6 x completed DT projects (including a cooked meal); 10 x completed computing projects; a Geography field work summary; writing for a range of audiences and purposes; and a financial maths project.

Personal Project

For the Bedfont Primary Baccalaureate, we have designed a personal project relevant to the needs and interests of our pupils. This will be launched in December of Year 5 and submission will be by Easter of Year 6.  The overarching/guiding theme for personal project will address aspects of personal development that are pertinent to our school (e.g. 'What does being healthy mean?' or 'How can I keep myself safe?') and will be shared with Year 5 cohorts in December of each year.

Personal Projects will be informed by the curriculum delivered in school, to ensure that all pupils are able to access the Baccalaureate.

Google Classroom will be used to gather a portfolio of work for each child (which can be added to from home and in school). Children will complete their own research and decide how to present this information, with a celebration of learning in Summer 2 of Year 6, with parents and stakeholders invited to an in school event for children to share their experiences and learning. The celebration of learning will allow children to present their personal project but also celebrate their wider achievements through the Baccalaureate.

The presentation event will recognise the significance of achieving the Baccalaureate and also allow us to recognise individual children who have achieved particularly well (e.g. those who have shown independence throughout their award by working with minimal supervision or support from parents and families, or those who have made particular efforts to achieve more than the minimum required number of credits for the PDP element of the Baccalaureate).

Personal Development Programme

At Bedfont, the Personal Development Programme (PDP) of our Baccalaureate uses a credit based system, with achievements (both in school or outside of school) being recognised with an agreed number of credits. The Bedfont Baccalaureate requires pupils to aim for a goal of at least 120 credits earnt over the course of Year 5 and Year 6.

At Bedfont, we have decided to focus the PDP offer on the following areas: Outdoor Activities, Community Service, Leadership Activities and Cultural Activities. Each of these areas has a list of possible activities and opportunities for engagement which are shared with pupils and families. Pupils must earn at least 15 credits in each PDP area.

More information will be shared with parents of Year 5 children as part of a launch event in September 2024.