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Bedfont Primary School


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work to complete- updated 30th March

Here are some suggestions for activities to do at home- don’t forget to email in pictures of your child to the class email address!  We will focus on activities that cover different areas of development- if you don’t have time to do all of them, you pick one to focus on (: 

Personal and social development-

  • let your child help you share out food onto a plate so that everyone has something to eat, and then eat together
  • Make a box of resources  - paper, pens , glue, recyclable materials, scissors etc.-  for your child to choose what they want to do and make

Language development-

  • Talk through jobs you are doing around the house, telling your child what you are doing and introducing new vocabulary by naming objects. e.g cooking, folding the washing, gardening  etc.
  • Play a Game with a ball where children have to follow instructions for example - roll the ball, kick the ball etc.
  • Why don’t you try some Messy/sensory play to encourage speech. For example- water play, sand ,play dough, shaving foam , soil, bubbles. What can you do at home?
  • Give the children choices at every opportunity and encourage them to answer eg. “Would you like ham or cheese on your sandwich? Would you like a  banana or apple?” 
  • Go into the garden or on a walk and talk about the sounds you can hear

Self help and physical skills

  • Encourage children to put on their own coat and shoes when going for a walk or out in the garden. You'll be surprised by how many children do this at school!!
  • Let them help with preparing food and pouring drinks – a small amount, from a jug. This is something we do at school together.
  • Practice using scissors safely but allowing them to cut play dough, jelly, paper, spaghetti etc.
  • Make an obstacle course with boxes, chairs, blankets.  Make them something to climb over, under, go through, up, down.


  • Make a car park for your child's cars - number the parking bays and cars for matching- something like this example attached below. Why don't you try numbers 0-5?