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Bedfont Primary School


Primary School

week 08

Reflection investigation

This week, you're going to carry out an investigation about which surfaces are reflective and which are not.

Which of these tests would help you find reflective surfaces?

1. Test how quickly each material slides down hill.

2. Test to see if I can see my face in each one.

3. Test to see how quickly each one gets hot.

4. Measure how bendy each material is.

Only one of these tests would tell you about reflectiveness (CLUE - we can see ourselves in a reflection!)

Once you have decided on the right test, find some things at home. Sort them into two groups - reflective and non-reflective. Present your results in any way you choose - draw pictures, write a report, take photos... 

We look forward to seeing your ideas! If you would like to share this with us please take pictures and send them to your child’s class email below.

Have a look at the Home Learning pack attached below for lots of tasks and activities. There is guidance for parents too - and answers!