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Bedfont Primary School


Primary School

week 02

This Spring, we have been learning about properties and changes of materials in our science lessons. In school, we have spent some time looking at famous scientists that have made ground breaking discoveries. This homework will provide the pupils with a chance to research a different scientist in detail.

We have looked into Spencer Silver and Ruth Benerito, who founded materials that change our everyday use, like the glue for post-it notes and the invention of wrinkle-resistant cotton fabric.

Have a  look back at the week 1 tab for the work that we set investigating scientists - we've had a couple of great pieces of work sent in already!

This week, think about what could make our lives easier - maybe an invention that would be useful during our lockdown? 

Think about how it would work, how it would be made and what benefits it would have to our lives. You could draw a picture, make a model, write a description or design an advert - or any other way of presenting your work!