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Bedfont Primary School


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week 02

Plants - Science

Remember to keep your plant journal updated (look back at the week 1 tab if you didn't yet - there's still time to go back and have a go!) If you planted your seeds last week, you might be starting to see shoots emerging by now! If you were able to plant seeds of different types, what do you notice about teh speed that they grow at? If you can spot any leaves yet, are they all the same shape? What is similar or different? 

Light – Science

Continue to experiment with light: - choose an activity you haven't done yet. Don't forget to send your photos in to Mr McAllan and they might end up in the Y3 gallery!

Create a shadow puppet. Use the puppet to investigate light. Observe what happens when you move the puppet closer and further away from the light source.

Create a sundial. Observe what happens throughout the day and record what you find.

Draw around your shadow during different times of the day. Report what you observe.