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reading and writing activities

Summer 2 Week 1. Week beginning 1st June. Room on The Broom! 

Reading Activities

Room on the Broom




This week we will be looking at the fantastic story of Room on the Broom

Click here to listen to the story on you tube. This version has great sound effects!

Or you can watch a longer version on BBC iplayer

Listen to the story a few times. Did you hear the rhyming words? Talk about the story with an adult: who were the characters? How were they kind to each other? When did they work together? What happened at the end?

Please remember to email us a video of you reading, it would be lovely to see!

Daily Reading – Oxford Owl



Click on the link to go to the website:

This is a great website for free eBooks you can read at home. Choose one or two books and read them every day for a week, a bit like your Guided Reading book. Next week choose again. Your mum or dad will need to create a login to read the books first. There are lots of stories and information books so get busy reading and remember to use the sounds you have learned. We’d love to see you reading so….Don’t forget to email your photos or videos to us!

Writing Activities

Activity 1 – Is there Room on the Broom?





Draw a broomstick and your favourite people on it. Do you have a funny uncle you want to take with you? Maybe you have a favourite singer or you like a footballer too. What about your pet if you have one? We’re sure you’ll want your teachers on there too! Label everyone you have drawn so we know who they are and send us a photo.

Activity 2 – Amazing Animal Facts



Look at the picture of the broom at the end of the story. The witch has kindly given a nest to the bird, milk for the cat and a shower for the frog. What do you know about animals? Draw your favourite animal and write a fact about them. If you have a pet you will find this very easy! Impress us with what you know and send us a photo of your writing.



Activity 3 – Write a Wish Upon a Star





What do you wish for? Maybe you wish to see your best friend soon. Maybe you wish for pizza! Or maybe you wish you could go to the beach.

Whatever your wish, write it down and send us a photo.