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half term activities

Half term Activities



Reading Activities

Don't forget to visit OXford reading buddy- the link is in the reading and writing folder 

This week we will be reading Together We Can



Writing  task 1 - draw a picture of a friend 



Writing task 2 - make a friendship paper chain



Writing task 3 -

Use the link below to print off the sheet or you can cut out your own strips out of paper. On each strip, write down what makes a good friend. Then make one into a loop and stick it together, then loop another strip through the middle and glue it together. Add all the strips together and you will make a friendship paper chain.

Activity 3 – write a letter/post card to your friend



Think it, Say it, Count the words, Write it!

Don’t forget to email your photos or videos to us.

Make a puppet 



Make a face with nature



Watch the video-

Can you make your face or your friend’s face using natural objects?

Shoes and socks



floating and sinking 



Watch the video about floating and sinking. Can you do some floating and sinking at home? What you need is; Clear container of water - water tray, bucket or bowl. You could use a paddling pool outdoors. Selection of objects that float or sink, such as corks, lolly sticks, lids, foil dishes, cotton reels, plastic and metal teaspoons, marble, conker, coin, bottle tops, sponge. Include different fruits and vegetables to see whether they all behave in the same way. Make two signs, one that says float and one that says sink. Order the objects onto the right sign.

Construction Challenge




Song of the week 



Physical Development- create an obstacle course! 



 Read this story about how we can show our friends we care.