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half term activities

Half Term Activities! We have some more activities to learn about People Who help us, and some activities to promote well-being. Even if you cannot do all of them, why don't you choose a few to focus on? Send us some pictures to the class email or upload some to Tapestry! 

Emergency services

Have you seen the new introduction video on our main page? 

We are very lucky to have people who help us stay safe in our community! Can you think of any?What does a policeman do? What does a fireman do?




Read the book below!



  • Have a listen to the story above about emergency services. What different types of emergencies are in this story? What are the different emergency services that come to help people? Have you ever seen some of these emergency services? Talk about this with your grown-ups.
  • Make your very own police badge- there are some below you could print out OR you can draw a picture of yourself, write you name underneath, cut it out and stick it on your top with some tape!
  • Do you know what letter your name begins with? Can you think of other things that begin with this letter? Write the first letter of your name on a piece of paper and drew other things that begin with that letter around it. Example: Bradley = B = ball, banana, baby, balloon.



  • Do you have any toy emergency service vehicles or toy cars at home? If you do, can you choose 3 of them and order them from shortest to longest? Why don’t you take a video or photo and upload this to tapestry or send it to the class email.
  • Do you have some dice in your home? If you do, why don’t you play a game. Roll the dice, and draw the corresponding amount of circles. Can you draw two groups of circles and add them together?
  • Don’t forget there are lots of maths games online, such as the TopMarks website, that can help you practise your counting or your number recognition in a fun way!

Topic Exploration



  • Watch part of this video (it is a long video, so you don’t need to watch all of it, about two minutes or so would be enough!) – it is full of real emergency service vehicles in London. What do they look like? What happens when they have their sirens on? What do you notice about the different vehicles? Talk about this with your grown-ups.

Song of the week

Have a go at this new song at home! Can you count how many frogs are left each time?






  • We would love you to do some painting, drawing or using collage materials! Can you make an emergency service vehicle? For example, think about what a fire engine looks like. What does it have on it? Don’t forget- a ladder, a hose, flashing lights, big wheels and a big cab up the front for all the fire fighters to sit in! You could even make a fire engine out of a cardboard box! Have a look at the examples below
  • ( insert picture )
  • Why not play a game of policemen or firemen at home with your family? Use different resources around the house to make your police car or fire engine, add some helmets or maybe a  ribbon for a  hose! Can you come to the rescue?
  • PSED (personal, social and emotional development) and Wellbeing for families

    This term we have also been learning all about how to stay healthy and about some of the people who help us keep healthy and safe in our community!

    Part of being healthy is also having a healthy mind. It is hard to be indoors and at home – it is important to look after each other. We all have things we are dealing with at home and trying to balance so much. If you have not done so already, have a look at the well-being pages on the website.

    I really like this explanation…

     “Mindfulness for me is about having some quiet time with myself, to just sit for a while and see what is going on. You can explain it to children by saying it’s a bit like looking outside in the morning to see what the weather is doing. You see what the weather pattern is like inside you. This helps you to know what you need that day. So, if it’s raining outside, you know you need an umbrella. If you’re feeling stormy inside, you ask yourself what you need – maybe that’s to be on your own for a bit, or to ask for a hug or to do some exercise.

    What do you need today? Why don’t you try these activities with your family to support their well being- and yours too!

  • How are you feeling today? If you are feeling a bit sad, a have a look at the “ways to feel better” pictures attached.
  • Try some of the simple relaxation activities for children – see the attached below!
  • Have fun doing some of the distraction activities – see attached below
  • Try some meditation for children see mindful breathing activity on -
  • Continue exploring the Cosmic Yoga videos on Youtube for some relaxing activities for children
  • It is great to remind your child what they are good at (:

  • Ask your child to tell you 3 things they are good at. Praise them for the things they tell you, and remind them of 3 other things that make you proud of them!
  • Play a board game together- this is great to encourage turn taking and team work, and also great to spend some time together!
  • Find some smooth stones on a walk and take them home- can you paint them different colours or paint on a positive message? On your next walk, leave them for others to find. Tell your child you are spreading happiness to others.
  • To finish, have a look at this lovely story together which helps children understand there are many ways to shw each other we care