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half term activities



We hope you enjoy these sensory activities below - if you do not have time for all of them why don't you choose 3 to do, then take some photos and send them to the class email for us to see ! 

In all of these activities below introduce new vocabulary -encourage your child to use words to describe what they are experiencing using all of their senses. 

Song of the week - encourage your child to think of all the ways they use their senses! 




Peace at Last ! 



  •  This is a story with lots of sounds in it.  Listen to the different sounds that you hear in the story.  What sounds can hear in your house? Did Mr Bear sleep well? Why not? How do you think he felt?  Can you join in with the story and make the sounds?
  •  Try doing some mark making whilst listening to music.  If possible use a large sheet of paper, material or even old wallpaper that you don't need. 
  • Continue to introduce and practise letters from your child's name when mark making and practice name recognition.


  • I have attached some cards for a maths trail.  There are instructions on each card e.g make a circle with stones,  find three leaves. In your garden or when your out for a walk help your child to find the objects and then count them. 

Sensory and Creative Activities 

  • Make some sound bottles ,  add different materials to bottles and shake them to see what noise they make.  Listen very carefully and try to match the objects to the sound bottle
  • Try closing your eyes and listening to the sounds you can hear in your garden or on a walk? What can you hear? Maybe even go for a sensory walk.
  • Whilst on your walk or in your garden you can also find some things that smell. What can you smell?  What can you see?
  • Put some different textures, flour, lentils, small stones into some balloons  (not blown up) , tie them at the top and let your child feel each one and talk about what they feel like, hard, soft, lumpy.
  • Set up some trays with soil, sand, water etc and let your child stand in them to feel the textures on their feet. encourage them to use words to describe the feel or give them the words.
  • Hide some animals or small toys in some shaving foam or crazy soap and let your child find them.
  • Put some paint in a zip lock bag , two or more colours. Let your child mix the colours together. What colours do they think they will make?  what happens when the colours are mixed together?
  • Make a sensory bottle by mixing water with food colouring.  put some oil in a bottle half way up then add the water mixture. Glue the lid on and observe the movements when you tip the bottle up and down.
  • Try doing some cooking with your child and encourage them to explore the ingredients using their different senses.  Can they find any food that makes a noise? e.g rice krispies. 
  • Make some simple puppets with different emotions e.g happy, sad, worried. See if you can get your child to make a happy face , angry face.  Then use the puppets / faces /photos to talk to your child about how they are feeling today. Tell them how you are feeling each day, be honest, its ok to tell them that you are worried or feeling a bit sad, if you tell them why it may help them to understand the feelings that they are feeling. 
  • Encourage your child to put on their own coats and try putting on their shoes in preparation for Nursery!
  • To finish, here is a story to help your child see there are so many ways we can show each other we care.