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Bedfont Primary School


Primary School

gardening club

The aims of the club are:

● For the children to enjoy lots of hands-on experience of growing. We’re trying fruit, vegetables and flowers and will be finding out from the children what they would like to grow.

● To make the garden as eco-friendly as possible, reducing, recycling and reusing as much as we can, and trying to encourage lots of wildlife into the garden. ● To create a beautiful spot in the centre of the school, which offers plenty that tastes, smells, feels, sounds and looks great

● To do this frugally with donations via sponsors and with the kind support from parents by way of donated vouchers, seeds and seedlings.

● To provide engaging moderate exercise in the form of gardening tasks such as digging, raking, picking up and clearing the nature's debris.

● To relax through breathing fresh air and listening to the sounds of nature.


Quotes from the children:

“I like gardening club because I like planting things. I can't use my garden right now and at school it helps me to experience it.”

“I like to pull out the worms and potatoes.”

“I like gardening club because we pull out weeds and dead flowers”

“I like gardening club because we get to water plants and dig up potatoes and pick tomatoes”

“I like gardening club because they have beautiful plants and flowers and we find out about worms and how to grow them. It’s just so much fun to watch plants grow.”