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Bedfont Primary School


Primary School

Year 3 2020-2021

Welcome to Year Three! Your new teachers are really excited about the upcoming year - we are looking forward to welcoming you back, getting to know you and helping you to become the amazing learners that we know you will be!

There will be some changes to what 'used to' happen in year three. Your parents might be worried about the year - for parents, coming up to KS2 could be a bit scary - but we know that you will be amazing. You and your parents can find out about life in year 3 in this video. Please note that these are updated versions.



Year 3 parents' information:



There will be four teachers in the year group, working with three classes: Mr McAllan, Miss Redmond, Mrs Bhattacharaya and Mr Vale will be working hard to make sure that the time you have been off school is caught up, and that you are learning everything you need to be across your time in year 3. We will also be supported by Mrs Reuby and Mrs Beaumont, two of our KS2 teaching assistants.

Woodpecker class - Mr McAllan



Skylark class - Miss Redmond



Owl class - Mrs Bhattacharaya