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Bedfont Primary School


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Year 2


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Curriculum Information

Year 2 motto: Today is a great day to learn something new!

Year 2                          Autumn Term 2018


Class teachers:             Mrs A. Laffoley Green

                                    Mrs K.Ward

                                    Miss M. Kearney

                                    Mrs K. Sachdeva

Teaching Assistants:     Mrs H. Grandon                                                                                                 Mrs N. Saeed
                                    Mrs M Szescko

Other staff working in Year 2: Mrs Desai and Ashley from Sports Plus.


In reading, we will continue to improve our fluency and expression. This means the children will be thinking about how they use punctuation and expression in their voices when reading out loud.

In writing, we will continue to rehearse our sentences before writing and read our work to check what we have written. We will be writing stories, letters and recounts about our books and work in class. We will continue to practice using correct punctuation and noun phrases in our work. We will use the sounds we know from phonics to spell new words. We will also practice tricky words and new spelling rules to improve our writing.

During handwriting practise and writing lessons, we will continue to improve the size of capital and lower case letters. We will also start learning our first diagonal joins. 

Children will continue to improve their phonics and reading in groups to learn how to blend all our sounds.

Phonics Phase 4

To give the sound when shown any Phase 2 or Phase 3 grapheme.

To be able to blend and read words containing adjacent consonants.

To be able to segment and spell words containing adjacent consonants.

To be able to read the tricky words some, one, said, come, do, so, were. When, have, there, out, like, little, what.

To be able to spell the tricky words he, she, we, me, be, was, my, you, her, they, all, are.

To write each letter, usually correctly.

Phonics Phase 5

To apply the common graphemes.

To apply phonic knowledge and skill as the prime approach to reading and spelling unfamiliar words that are not completely decodable.

To read and spell phonically decodable 2-syllable and 3-syllable words.

To read automatically all the words in the list of 100 high frequency words.

To accurately spell most of the words in the list of 100 high frequency words.

To form each letter correctly.


Our topic this half term is called ‘Mission: Solve It’. We will be trying to answer questions and solve problems. In Science we will be looking at a range of materials and investigating their properties. We will conduct simple experiments to test different materials and develop our observation and recording skills. In Design technology we will design and make our own Big Top circus tent. We will participate in a circus skills workshop to help build confidence and learn new skills.

Our RE topics this half term is pilgrimage. The children will be learning about journeys in different religions and why these are seen as important to the people undertake them.


This half term we will be developing our control skills. We will concentrate on gross motor skills that support our abilities in a range of sports, including balance, travelling and throwing and catching skills.

Please make sure the children have the correct kit for these sessions and that all items are named.  Long hair should be tied back. In line with our school uniform policy, the only earrings permitted are small plain studs.  Children will be asked to remove all other earrings.

Kingfisher       Thursday and Friday

Seagull           Monday and Thursday

Swan                Thursday and Friday