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Bedfont Primary School


Primary School

Year 2

Curriculum Information

Year 2                          Summer Term 1 2019


Class teachers:             Mrs K. Sachdeva

                                    Miss E. Corfield

                                    Miss A. Redmond

                                    Mrs K. Ward

Teaching Assistants:    

                   Mrs H. Burrage                                                                                     

                   Mrs M. Szeszko

                  Mrs N. Saeed


Other staff working in Year 2: Ashley from Sports Plus and Miss Desai.


In our reading, we will be continue to improve our reading out loud and fluency. We will develop our vocabulary by looking at new words in our reading and matching them to meanings. We will look at what characters say and do and what that tells us about their feelings. We will also compare books to other we have read, looking at what is the same and what is different.

In writing, we will continue to develop our handwriting with many children beginning to join their letters. We will learn more spelling rules to use in our writing. We will write information texts and our own stories using the ones we read together in class.


We will be learning how to add coins and show an amount of money using different coins. We will investigate 3D shapes, learning how to compare them and talk about their properties. We will practice finding half and finding other fractions of numbers. We will revise our methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and show how we worked. We will learn how to read pictograms to find and compare information. We will also read scales for mass an volume when we weigh objects and measure liquids. We will use thermometers to check the temperature of water.



This half term we will start our new science topic of Flowers and Insects. Look out for our new knowledge organiser to learn more about our topic at home.


We will learn about how seeds and bulbs change as they grow and what plants need to survive and grow. We will also learn how seeds are dispersed to grow new plants. We will begin to learn about minibeasts and insects before half term.

This half term, we will be looking at patterns across different religions.


This half term the children will be practicing a range of athletic skills, working on their speed, direction and stamina.


Kingfisher                    Monday and Wednesday

Swan                             Wednesday and Friday

Seagull                                    Monday and Wednesday




Please continue to use Bug Club and Mathletics for online activities to support learning across the curriculum. Please encourage children to read their reading books at home and other practice activities in their bookbags.