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Bedfont Primary School


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Work to Complete

 1. History Project on People of the Past. (This project has already been sent home) 

This half term, we will be learning about people  from the past who made significant contributions to history.                                                                       You could choose a King or Queen, a sportsman, a political figure, an inventor, an important musician, an explorer or someone who helped us learn about the past such as Samuel Pepys, Neil Armstrong, Rosa Parks or Christopher Columbus.           You can choose a person from the past from any country.

The BBC website has lots of information about famous people from the past: people

Here are some ideas for your project:                                                                       Can you write a poem about your famous person using some of the ideas we have tried in class? You can use repetition, an acrostic poem or try using rhyme.

Can you draw or paint a picture of your famous person? Can you show what they person looked like and the clothes they wore?

Create a photo or fact file about your famous person.                                          Remember to include information about their job, family and where they lived. Include any reasons for why they are famous - what they said/did/invented.  Include some pictures to make your poster or fact file interesting.