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Bedfont Primary School


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Topic Activities

 Colour Monster

Summer 2 Week 7 week beginning 13th July 2020

Topic Activities

Activity 1: Make a Colour Monster




Why don't you make your own Colour Monster?  You could use anything you like – building blocks, paint, paper, buttons, string, ribbons, cardboard packaging, the list is endless. Will it be flat or will it be 3D? Will you choose one colour or make a mixed up monster or will you make a new colour? Be as creative as you like and don’t forget to send us a photo.

Activity 2: How do you feel?



For this activity get some jars or containers with an adult. You could just choose happy and sad if you like. Label each one with an emotion face and over the week drop an item into a jar when you feel like that (use buttons, pencils etc). At the end of the week count up the items and talk to an adult about what the jars show you – were you mostly happy or sad over the week?

Activity 3: Mood Music

Different music can make us feel different emotions. Listen to the music in the clip and see how you feel! Can you create some of your own mood music using instruments or things you have at home? Will your music be loud and angry or gentle and calming? Don’t forget to send us a video!







Activity 4: Colour Mixing

What happens when you mix colours? Can you make your own new Colour Monster? You don’t have to use paint – look at the ideas below for some fun with colours. Don’t forget to send us a photo.







Activity 5: Video Present for your Teacher



We have missed you so much and we are wishing you so much luck and happiness for the summer holidays and Year 1. What message would you like to give to your teachers? Can you record it and send it to us? We would love to see it!


Song of the week: The Emotions Song for Kids

This is a fun action song to learn – you already know the tune! Maybe you can make a video of yourself performing the song and send it to us



Keep Calm Kids 😊

Sometimes life can be a little crazy and we all need to stop and take a few minutes to be calm. Join Moovlee the monkey to do some breathing and stretching exercises.