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Bedfont Primary School


Primary School

Summer 2 week 6

Maisie's Sail Boat 




Click on the Link Below to listen to the story



Who is in the boat with Maisie? Who is fishing in the boat? What do they catch?

Make a cosy corner in your house and read a book with a different member of your family.

Phonics activities - developing a 'listening ear'

Listen to the story Hayley reads below- Car, Car, Truck Jeep. There are a lot of different sounds in the story.  Can you listen to the story and pick out the sounds that you can hear.  What is making the noise? Can you hear the rhyming words too?



Listen to the  summer classical music. Use a scarf or a piece of material to move it around to the music.  Listen to when the music slows down or gets faster and try to match your movements.

You could also try mark making to the music , sit comfortably or lay on your tummy and listen to sounds while moving your pencil around on the paper or chalking on the floor.  See what you've made at the end.




Attached below are some numbered boats. For this activity, use 1-3, 1-5, or 1-10 , depending on your child's understanding and number recognition.  Use small world people ( or any figures you have at home, or things like blocks) to count out the right amount to go with each numbered boat.  Coint slwoy, modelling how to say 1 number per object. 

Topic Exploration Activities

Float and sink. Get a container with water in it and pick out a few small objects to do an experiment with. put the objects in the water and see if they float or sink.



Boat Making.Make a boat with some different materials, don't forget to make a sail. What do you think will happen when you put them on the water, will they float or will they sink?There are some example pictures attached.below.  You could also build a big boat with furniture , boxes , chairs , crates and pretend to sail across the sea.

Jelly Boats. help your child to mix the jelly ,  letting them help as much as possible with the pouring and stirring. Cut an orange in half, count how many pieces you have. eg you start with one orange cut it in half and you have two pieces.   Scoop out the orange,  put the jelly in the orange and refrigerate.  when it has set,  cut the orange in half again.  You can use a cocktail stick to make a sail,  but use rice paper if you want to eat it!