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Bedfont Primary School


Primary School

Summer 2 week 6

Stick Man! 



Please listen to the story below and talk about it with your child 



Writing Activities

Activity 1 – Labelling the parts of a tree

Stick Man lived in the family tree. When you look at a tree what do you see? Can you see the different parts? Draw a tree and label the parts. Maybe there will be a hole for a stick family or a nest in your tree. There are lots of words you can use: trunk, branch, roots, twig, leaves, fruit, flowers

Activity 2 – Letter on a Leaf



Activity 3 Make a wanted poster 



Make a stick man 



Activity 2: Special family times

In the story, Stick Man wanted to get home to his family. He got there just in time for Christmas. What special times have you had with your family? Maybe you love birthdays or pizza night? Maybe you Zoom with your grandma? What have you enjoyed doing together during the lockdown at home? Talk about this with a grown up and send us some photos to show us.

Activity 3: Make a tree  

This week we would like you to make a tree. You can use lego blocks, newspaper or any art materials that you have at home. Be as creative as you like. Don’t forget to send us a photo.

Activity 4: The 5 Stick Challenge! 



Can you join in with this song?