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Bedfont Primary School


Primary School

Summer 2 week 5

Under The Sea! 



We are learning all about sea creatures! Watch the video above to explore the different sea creatures that live in the ocean. Which sea creatures do you know? Can you name any in this video? Can you describe some of these sea creatures – how do they look different from animals that live on land? Talk about what you see in the video with your grown-ups.

Sink Or Float Activity







Enjoy Listening to the Story






  • Do you have 2D plastic shapes or shape pattern tiles at home? Can you make a sea creature out of shapes?
  • Build different towers using blocks, duplo or any other construction pieces that you have in your house. Count how many blocks you have used for each tower. Which towers are short and which towers are tall? As an extra challenge: when you go out for a walk, have a look at which buildings you can see that are tall and which ones are short.
  • Play the number and quantity matching cards game (attached below). You need to identify the number on the number card and then find the correct card that has the same number of objects on it to match them together. If you cannot print these cards, you can always make your own ones like I have in my example


  • Do you have any small world water creatures? If you do, you could set up an underwater world in a container or in the sink. You could add shells, grass for seaweed etc. Instead of water you could cut up blue paper and pretend it is the sea.
  • Bubble art - Simply colour bubble mix with coloured paint or food colouring and blow bubbles onto paper. As the bubbles land and pop, they create beautiful works of art. See some of the example below. Alternatively, you can create artwork by placing small amounts of paint onto a piece of paper and blowing through straws to make the paint move. See an example below.

Self-Care & Independence

  • Try a new food every day! Go shopping with your grown-ups and choose some new food items that you would like to try. This could be new fruits or vegetables, a new meal or a new treat. (A note to parents, you could set up a sticker chart or reward chart to encourage them to try new food.)
  • Independence check- Can you eat with a knife and fork by yourself? Practice this week with normal sized cutlery and try hard to cut your food yourself. You should also practise sitting up straight on your chair and drinking from a cup without spilling. If you are having trouble using a knife and fork, watch this video below to help you.


    To get ready for going to big school, you need to start learning to do some things yourselves without adult help. Keep practising:

  • Getting dressed by yourself
  • Doing up the zip or buttons on your coat by yourself
  • Song of the Week

  • Listen to the “Five Little Starfish” song. Try to join in if you can - you count the starfish down from 5 to 0.
  • Putting your shoes on by yourself
  • Eating dinner with a knife and fork by yourself
  • Going to the toilet by yourself