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Bedfont Primary School


Primary School

Summer 2 week 5




The Snail and the Whale 



Listen to the Story 



Writing Activities 

1. Write Snail or Whale facts 



Thank you letter 



Write a thank you letter 



Make a Snail Collage 

This is a famous artwork by a man called Henri Matisse. It is called "The Snail". He made it using paper and you can see the real thing for free in the Tate Modern in London.

Have a look at the painting - can you make one too?

Being Kind

The whale was kind by taking the snail around the world. Can you remember a time when you were kind to someone? Talk about it with your adult. 

Make a famous landmark



Make a Journey Stick 



Song of the week 



Under the sea dance- little mermaid

Click on the below link to join in with a dance!