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Summer 2 week 3

Summer 2,  Week 3 - The Tiger Who Came to Tea! 

This week we will be learning all about tigers!

  • What do you already know about tigers? Talk with your grown-ups to share what you already know. Think of some questions that you would like answered about what you don’t already know about tigers – what would you like to find out?
  • Watch the video below to learn some more facts about tigers. Talk with your grown-ups about anything new that you have learnt!









  • Watch the video for the story ‘The Tiger Who Came to Tea’ and talk with your grown-ups about the story. Key questions: How do you think Sophie felt when the tiger showed up at her door? What would you do if a tiger showed up at your door? Do you think tigers would really drink tea and eat sandwiches?
  • Make an invitation to invite someone in your family to a tea party – either make your own or use our template (attached below). Make sure you put the name of the person you are inviting, the time of the party, and where the party will be. Don’t forget to write your name at the bottom too!
  • Create a menu to have at your tea party – fold a piece of paper in half and write the words for food items onto the inside of the paper. You can also draw the pictures of the different food items to go with the words.
  • Don’t forget to look at our ‘Phonics’ tab to check out our new phonics activities. We will be posting new activities every week for a new letter sound every week. This week we will be learning the letter sound a. Can you think of any objects that begin with the a sound




  • Make a tea party with a couple of teddy bears, dolls or similar toys. Give each toy a plate of cupcakes (or something similar). Count how many cupcakes are on each person’s plate – who has more cupcakes? Repeat this with different amounts. Can you count how many cupcakes there are altogether? If you take one cupcake away, how many are there now?
  • Compare the weight of different food items in your kitchen. Choose two items and guess which one you think is the heaviest first, then place them in your hands and decide which one is heaviest. Were you correct with your guess? Try and see if you can find two food items that feel the same weight. For an extra challenge, order three different items from lightest to heaviest.





  • Water play! If you have a plastic tea set, or even just some plastic cups, have some fun with bubbly water and pour the water between cups.
  • Have a go at making some different food items for a tea party – such as simple cupcakes, sandwiches or iced buns. There are lots of different recipes online that you can find.
  • Set up your own café or tea party to role play with your family members. We would love to see photos!
  • Make your own tiger mask - you can print off the template below and either colour it in, paint it, or glue on coloured paper to make your mask. Or design your own template. 
  • Getting Ready for Reception


    To get ready for going to big school, you need to start learning to do some things yourselves without adult help. Keep practising:

  • Getting dressed by yourself
  • Doing up the zip or buttons on your coat by yourself
  • Watch the video below for some help on how to get dressed:

  • Putting your shoes on by yourself
  • Eating dinner with a knife and fork by yourself
  • Going to the toilet by yourself

Song of the week