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Bedfont Primary School


Primary School

Summer 2 week 3

Do you have a favourite story? 



Take one of your child's favourite stories and encourage them to join in with parts of the story or encourage them to re-tell the story using some of their toys.  Can they remember what happens next?  Can they make up their own story with the same props or decide what happens next?

Maths and Song of the week! 



Can you sing the song together? How many ice-creams are left after each verse?

Creative Activities!  



Create a role play area for selling ice creams!                                                             Make some ice creams with card , paper and tissue paper OR your could add some colour to shaving cream and freeze it !                                                                     Can you make a sign for your shop?                                                                        Let your child use real money to come and pretend to buy the ice-creams. 

Encourage your child to make marks in a notebook to pretend to take ice-cream orders. 

Frozen paint painting!
Freeze some paint into an ice cube tray or small container , add a stick to it.  When they are frozen, take them out and make marks with them.  Use a tray or do it outside as it might get quite messy. Copy some patterns that will help with writing letters ,  zig zags, wavy lines. For the children that have been learning the initials or letters in their name,  they could try copying the letters in their names.

Seaside collage                                                                                                      Create a seaside collage  using your own resources - you can use tissue paper, lolly sticks, pom poms, feathers, sand, shells, foil, whatever you have to hand.                 It is important that you let your child  decide where they want to put the resources and to have their own ideas , even if you don't think it looks like a seaside (:                Let them create by themselves, while you create your own one!  Encourage them to tell you what they have made and to give meaning to the resources they have chosen. This is an activity where the process is a lot more important than the end product - enjoy creating together!

Make ice lollies                                                                                                       You can use plastic cups or yoghurt pots. Cut some fruit up,  add it to a yoghurt pot and top it up with some juice. Freeze it  and then after half an hour, add a lollistick to the yoghurt, and then freeze for longer.  Talk about what you think will happen when you put it in the freezer?  Introduce new vocabulary melt, freeze, ice, liquid. Enjoy your yoghurt ice lollies!

Building Independence and being ready for Nursery

For children who are starting Nursery this year,  now is a great opportunity to start potty training ready for school. Just remember to be patient , it won't happen overnight!  There are lots of different ways and methods gor potty training; this most important thing is to be positive and give it time. 

Keep practising writing letters from your name and using a name card for recognising your name.

Provide lots of opportunities for children to be independent in preparation for school. This includes:

  •  putting on their own shoes,
  • putting on their coat
  • taking themselves to toilet and washing their own hands. 
  • Wiping their nose when needed and putting the tissue in the bin. 
  • Anything that they can have a go at themselves , even if you help a little,  will help to build their confidence and self care
  • follow a 1- 2 part direction
  • express when they need help

Most importantly have fun and have conversations, talk through everything you do and encourage them to join in.!