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Summer 2 week 2

Summer 2  Week 2. Summer Time - The Beach! 

Have a look at the video on our first page about this week! 


Please listen to " The Clumsy Crab" 



How did the crab feel throughout the story? How did he use his pincers to save the octopus? how do you think he felt after he saved the octopus?

Take one of your child's favourite books, one you have read quite often.  Encourage them to join in with parts of the story or encourage them to re-tell the story using some of their toys.  Can they remember what happens next?  


After you have watched the rock pool video , there is a rock pool sheet attached.  Count how many there are of each creature? get a grown up to show you how to write the number in the box.   colour the pictures in after and draw or make some rock pool creatures of your own.

Topic Exploration






what did they find? have you ever looked in a rock pool before? Do you recognise any creatures from the story or this weeks song.


Song of the week- Crabs and starfish.  

Learn the words and copy the actions! Can you send a video to the class email of you singing it? 



Sensory Sand

Here is a recipe to make sensory 'sand'!

mix flour and baby oil together - 8 parts flour to 1 part baby oil.  Mix together with your hands!                                                                                                        Encourage your child to explore this textured sand! What happens when you squeeze the mixture together in your hands? Use containers and spoons to make some moulds or to fill up containers, and use words like full and empty to label  After your child has had a play with it , you could turn it into a rock pool by adding a small amount of water, some rocks , and torn up tissue paper / paper / card.  Take some photos and send it to our class email address!

Physical Development

Fine motor scissor activity - wrap up some sea creatures. If you do not have any not to worry, just use some other small toys.  Tape strips of paper wrapped around the toys. Encourage your child to then cut the creatures free with some safe children's scissors to practice your cutting skills

gross motor activity- continue to use the movement cards from last week below.  Can you move sideways like the crab in the story?