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Bedfont Primary School


Primary School

Summer 2 week 2

We're Going on a Bear Hunt!





Listen to the Story  amd then complete your tasks!

Don't forget to access Oxford Reading Buddy as well!  

1. Write a think bubble for the bear 



2. Write a letter to the bear! 



3. What can you see ?



Here is the picture for you to see!

Topic Activities 

Be a Bear!

Become the bear’s friend by becoming a bear yourself! Maybe you could make a bear headband, or a bear mask or a bear picture? Or maybe all 3! What will you need? What will you use for your 2 big googly eyes, one shiny wet nose, mouth, 2 big furry ears? What will you use to join the pieces together? Use what you have at home and remember to ask an adult to help you. Don’t forget to email your bear creations to us!

Click on the links below for some more ideas!

Have a Teddy Bear's picnic



Make a Bear Cave



Make a Sensory Collage 



Freezing task! 



Make an obstacle course!



Cosmic Yoga 



Song of the week!