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Bedfont Primary School


Primary School

Summer 2 week 1




Listen to the below story.



Before you listen to the story, talk to your child about what creatures live in the sea.  Name and point to the animals in the book.  Talk about the different features of each animal, eg octopus had eight legs.


The song is 5 little fish swimming in the sea.  I have made a video introducing the song.  Make five little fish to use while you are joining in with the song.  Number the fish.



Use the fish you make or magnetic numbers if you have them and try fishing for the numbers or fish.  Have some other numbers written down somewhere for them to match the numbers to.  You can make a simple fishing rod with string / wool, a stick and paperclips/  a magnet if you have one.

Make a shark using a cardboard box. You could cut out a "mouth" from a box.  Make some cards with different foods on them. Encourage your child to name the food and post it into the sharks mouth, taking it in turns.  For older children use a dice and feed the shark according to the number you roll on the dice.  You could use counters or dried pasta to represent the food if you are doing a counting game.

Topic Exploration

See below for the  attached some ocean movement cards.  Can you walk sideways like a crab?  use these to get moving and do some physical exercise. 

 Attached below are  some 'Commotion in the Ocean' cards for matching.  While playing the game see if your child can remember some of the names of the creatures from the story.  Lay the cards facing downwards , take it turns to turn over a card, name it and match it to your board. 

Fine Motor Skills  

Attached below are some sea creatures with patterns on for your child to follow with a pencil.  Encourage your child to hold the pencil in a tripod grip.


On some foil, if you have some paint, use blue paint to try finger painting on the foil. Add some white paint and see what happens to the colour.   You can then use this to make a sea or seaside small world area to play.  Just add some sea creatures if you have them or make some. Add some play people, some sand, rocks, pebbles, torn up tissue paper for seaweed and have some fun pretending your at the beach!

Use some recyclable materials , tissue paper, card craft materials to make your own sea creature , try making one from the story.  You can use this with your sea that you made in the above activity.

Let your child help prepare a fruit snack. Present the snack as a sea creature.