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Summer 2 week 4

Summer 2 Week 4 - Maisie Goes on Holiday 






Listen to the story. What does Maisie pack for her holiday? 



Maisie sends postcards to her friends.  Can you make a postcard? There is a postcard template attached below. cut out some pictures of nice places or draw a picture on the front. Then write to your friends and tell them what you are doing? Don't forget to write your name at the bottom.  If you haven't seen someone in your family or one your friends for a while , you could go and post it in their door or put a stamp on it, add their address and put it in the post box.


Can you make a train picture using shapes? Cut out some triangles, circles, squares and rectangles and stick them on paper to make a train.

Matching socks - get several pairs of socks, different colours or patterns on them and pair up the socks by matching the colours or the patterns.

Topic exploration

At the beach Maisie has some ice cream in the café , can you count how many scoops she has?  carry on playing with the ice cream role play ,  but this time you could make some different coloured play dough to use as the ice cream. Add some plastic bowls so that you can count scoops into the bowls.

Pack a suitcase for your holiday! give your child a small suitcase if possible or a bag. Around the garden hide holiday objects, swimsuit, sunglasses, bucket and spade, etc.  use positional language to tell your child where the objects are e.g under the chair, next to the flowers, in the pot.  

Song of the week! 



Maisie travelled on a train to get to her holiday,  I have added the song Lets go Driving in the car - do actions for each of the different modes of transport.  If you have any cardboard boxes you could make a big train or a car or a plane for you to sit in.

Building Independence and being ready for Nursery

For children who are starting Nursery this year,  now is a great opportunity to start potty training ready for school. Just remember to be patient , it won't happen overnight!  There are lots of different ways and methods gor potty training; this most important thing is to be positive and give it time. 

Keep practising writing letters from your name and using a name card for recognising your name.

Provide lots of opportunities for children to be independent in preparation for school. This includes:

  •  putting on their own shoes,
  • putting on their coat
  • taking themselves to toilet and washing their own hands. 
  • Wiping their nose when needed and putting the tissue in the bin. 
  • Anything that they can have a go at themselves , even if you help a little,  will help to build their confidence and self care
  • follow a 1- 2 part direction
  • express when they need help

Most importantly have fun and have conversations, talk through everything you do and encourage them to join in.!