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Bedfont Primary School


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Summer 1 week 5





People Who Help us!



We hope you have enjoyed learning about how to keep healthy! Can you think of 2 ways of how you can do this?                                                                                   We are now going to learn about people who help us in the community. There has been so many people helping the community in these tricky times and people who have helped us keep healthy and safe! Doctors, Nurses, Delivery drivers, builders, postal workers, police- can you think of any? We hope this week’s activities help you to understand these jobs a little bit more and help us think of ways we can thank these important people.

Watch this video to help!



Can you think of anymore? Who has helped you?

Attached are some matching cards- Can you match the people to the things they use?  If you do not have access to a printer, why don’t you draw someone who helps us with things they use? For example, you could draw a builder with their hammer, or a postal worker with his

Doctors, Nurses and people who help us when we are sick

We are going to focus on Doctors, Nurses and people who help us when we are sick.

What do you know about Doctors? What do they do? What kind of things do you find in a doctors office? Why don’t you try some of the activities below to understand more about these important people who help us.


  • Watch the story ‘The Berenstain Bears Go to the Doctor’



  • Talk about what your child has learnt from the story – why do they think it’s important to go to the doctor? What do we take medicine for? Discuss about times when you might have gone to the doctor and why.


  • Make a Doctor's Form 



  •  Make a doctor’s form to fill out about a patient and add it to the role play below. What is the patient’s name? How old are they? What is the problem and what do they need?
  • Keep trying to write your name- send us a picture! 


We would like you to have a look at the Top marks web site! Follow the instructions in both the videos below- choose a game that is best for your child and have a go!





  • Continue to count objects and write the numeral to go with a set of objects.For example- count out toy cars, blocks, soft toys, people or animal figures etc. 
  • Extra challenge- can your child say what is one more or one less than your number?

Topic exploration

Watch this video to help you understand what happens when you go to the doctor- and that there are different types of doctors!

  • Have you even been to one of these types of doctors? Talk about it with your child and recall why they went to that particular doctor.

Creative / sensory:

  • If you have not done so already- can you make a poster for your window to thank the NHS – the doctors, nurses and all those who are helping others get better.(show the one we have in our window on video )
  • Painting with cotton buds. Can you use some cotton buds with paint at home to make a picture?



  • Make a doctors surgery and role play at home using things you have at home. What can you use? Set up a little waiting are with some books, use a note book and encourage your child to make marks to make an appointment- what time is the appointment?

You could make a little surgery, with old medicine syringes, plasters, some material for bandages, cotton balls. If you have a doctor’s kit you could use it

Let your child pretend to look after dolls and take care of them!

Song of the Week: Miss Polly had a Dolly!

Can you sing the song , record it, and put it on to Tapestry? 





Physical development

Continue to work on you balls skills  and play a game with a ball outdoors. Can you roll, pass, throw, kick, catch a ball? Now that we can go outdoors to parks with family members only, why don’t you find a space near your house to try all these skills or play a game of football!

Here is an extra challenge- throw the ball in the air- can you clap before it comes back down?

Self care:



As we grow up, it important to keep our body clean and do things ourselves! Can you wash your own face? Can you brush your hair? Can you clean your teeth? Can you help get dressed? We want you to continue to build all these self -help skills. Why don’t you send us a photo of you cleaning your teeth?

Here is a song to help you remember all these things:



Here is a helpful video to remind you how to clean your teeth! 



Have a look at the Getting Ready for Reception folder which has some helpful resources in it!