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Bedfont Primary School


Primary School

Summer 1 week 4

Topic- Spring has Sprung! Continued Exploration into Carrots! 

Reading and Writing Tasks 



Watch the story again as we continue to learn about carrots ! 



his time, can you retell the story to a grown up remembering what the problem what and retell the main events in the right order?

Useful words to use are:  First, Next, Then, After that, In the end.

Other Topic Stories

If you’d like to read along to other stories on our topic here are two more you can look at:

Click here to read and watch Too Big a Turnip

Click here to read and watch Eat Your Peas

Daily Reading – Oxford Owl



Click on the link to go to the website:

This is a great website for free eBooks you can read at home. Choose one or two books and read them every day for a week, a bit like your Guided Reading book. Next week choose again. Your mum or dad will need to create a login to read the books first. There are lots of stories and information books so get busy reading and remember to use the sounds you have learned. We’d love to see you reading so….Don’t forget to email your photos or videos to us!

Writing Tasks 

Activity 1 – Writing a Speech Bubble



Activity 2 - How to grow a carrot top 



Activity 3 - Make a poster for your teachers! 



Topic Activities 

Making Carrot Muffins 



Raw and Cooked Carrots 



Growing at Home 



Make a Mr Potato Head 



Handprint and Footprint fruit ad vegetables!



Fruit and Vegetable photography 



Song of the week! 



Don't forget to share your photos with us - send them to the class emaile or upload them to tapestry!