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Bedfont Primary School


Primary School

Summer 1 week 4



Listen to the Story below - When I grow up! 



  • Talk with your child about the different jobs that the little boy talks about – which jobs sound like a good idea and why?
  • Ask your child what they would like to be when they grow up and encourage them to draw a picture showing their dream job.
  • Support your child to draw a picture of their family. Challenge them to copy the letters from the names of their different family members.
  • Keep writing your name – remember to do this in lower case letters and start with a capital




  • Check out this fun maths game online:
  • Practise counting the food with Peter Rabbit!
  • Using 3 cups, fill one all the way to the top with water, fill one halfway with water, and leave one cup empty. Ask your child if they can identify which cup is which by using the vocabulary “full”, “half full” and “empty”. Then empty the cups and ask your child to take a turn filling up the cups themselves with different amounts of water and play the game again.
  • Remember to keep working on number recognition for numbers 0-10. Here is a game to help you recognise numbers and count out the correct amount of cakes ( a sometimes food!) for the teddy

Topic exploration:



  • Discuss with your child how staying healthy makes us grow big and strong. Look at the different flash cards showing ‘human life cycle’ attached below and see if your child can put the pictures in the right order. Talk about the different changes that happen as we grow up – do we get taller? Do we get grey hair? 
  • If you do not have access to a printer, can you draw - a baby, a toddler, a child an a grown up? 
  • Find some baby photos of your family members and talk about the differences between then and now – can your child spot the different changes that have occurred?

Song of the Week






  • Make your own instruments using old socks / bottles / cans / containers and fill them with small items such as dry pasta, rice, beans, marbles, coins etc. Shake the instruments for them to make noise! You can use these to assist a dance routine or singing songs together.
  • You can also make other instruments such as drums or guitars using old cardboard boxes and any other materials that you can find in the house!


Self-care / Getting ready for Reception

  • Encourage your child to practise feeding themselves at home. Reward them with stickers or a points chart for every time they sit at the table nicely, use knives and forks and spoons correctly, and sip from their own cup without spilling.
  • Support your child in helping with small chores around the house – can they help wash the dishes after a meal? Can they clean up a spillage? Can they help dust the shelves?

Physical development



Check out Cosmic Kids Yoga online: There are lots of different videos for children to do simple yoga poses alongside songs and stories.

 Can you do these actions? 

Jump on the spot 10 times                                                                                          Hop on 1 leg 3 times ( or more)                                                                                    Do 5 star jumps                                                                                                          Do 3 push ups

Try doing some of the above actions – can you do them all in 1 go? Can you make up your own routine, for example 3 jumps, 2 hops, 5 star jumps and 1 push up? Could you add an action that is not listed?

How does your body feel when it does these actions? What happens? What don’t you take a picture of your child doing these, and record what they say on tapestry.

Now let your child take on the role of a “PE teacher” where they can design their own work-out for you to all take part in as a family! Talk about the different moves that you can put into a work-out such as star jumps, running on the spot, big jumps, skipping. Make sure you take some time afterwards to cool down.