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Bedfont Primary School


Primary School

Summer 1 week 3



Excerise and Looking after our Bodies! 



  • Support your child to keep a diary of what they do every day, encouraging them to draw pictures of some of the different things that they have done and copy key words like “walk”, “draw”, “cook”.
  • Make sure your child keeps practising writing their name - this is very important for preparing for Reception. Try different methods of writing such as using a finger in a layer of salt, painting the letters with paintbrushes and paint, or making the name by finding the correct magnetic letters.
  • Act out different stories together using props found around the house. For example, you could act out the story of ‘Goldilocks’ using different sized bowls, spoons, chairs and beds.





  • If you have a driveway or patio area, use some chalk to make a game of hopscotch where your child can jump onto the different numbers and practice recognising each number. If you don’t have this opportunity, you can ask your child to practise their number recognition by making your own number cards by writing numbers on small pieces of paper and jumping on to those instead.
  • Keep practising counting up to 10 objects, slowly by pointing to each one carefully. If your child is confident up to 10, you can start counting up to 15 as an extra challenge!
  • Play ‘shape bingo’ – Make your own bingo cards for the whole family by drawing 6 coloured shapes on different pieces of paper (you could use the same shape more than once, just in different colours). Call out a coloured shape and if your child has it on their card then they can cross it out. The first person to get all of their shapes crossed out is the winner!





  • Watch this video about how to stay healthy .
  • Discuss with your child the main points from the video and work together to make a poster about how to stay healthy! (example: draw a picture of someone riding a bike, or drinking some water).
  • Creative:



    Use different materials to make medals for winning races. You could use wool, string, buttons, beads, tin foil, shiny paper or sequins!

  • Physical development:

  • Use different objects to make patterns with paint e.g. place paint on a fork and press down on a piece of paper to see the pattern. You could also cut up toilet roll tubes into different shapes, or use halved fruit and vegetables to print.



  • Make an obstacle course either in your garden or in a large space in your house! Place different things out for your child to jump over, crawl under or climb through. If you have equipment such as skipping ropes, hula hoops or bean bags, think about how you can use these in the obstacle course too!
  • Play some music for your child to dance to. Encourage them to make up their own routine to the music, using different movements such as star jumps, waving, stomping feet, clapping hands. You could also use scarves in the routine to twirl around in the air.



  • Encourage your child to get dressed by themselves. Model to them how to put on things like trousers, t-shirts and socks independently. If you go outside, encourage them to put on their own shoes and coat as well.
  • Remind the children about the importance of washing hands properly and brushing teeth. Encourage them to do this themselves when they can.