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Bedfont Primary School


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Summer 1 week 1

Room on the Broom!



This week we will be looking at the fantastic story of Room on the Broom

Click here to listen to the story on you tube. This version has great sound effects!

Or you can watch a longer version on BBC iplayer

Listen to the story a few times. Did you hear the rhyming words? Talk about the story with an adult: who were the characters? How were they kind to each other? When did they work together? What happened at the end?

Please remember to email us a video of you reading, it would be lovely to see!

Daily Reading – Oxford Owl- see current reading and writing page for information

Writing Activity 1 - Is there room on the broom? 



Writing Activity 2 -Animal Facts 



Writing Activity 3 -Wish Upon a Star 



Topic Activities 

Witch or Wizard Dress Up



Make A Potion 



This is a really exciting experiment you can do with your adult! You are going to make your own magic potion! All you need is: baking soda, food colouring, glitter, washing up liquid, vinegar, glass jar, small plastic containers and a tray. Help your grown-ups with getting all the ingredients ready and have fun! 

1. Fill the jar halfway with vinegar, add a few drops of one colour of food colouring and some glitter.

2. Squeeze in some washing up liquid, stir, and place the jar on a tray. 

3.Add a heaped teaspoon of baking soda, stir again, and watch the foaming begin! 

4. To keep the reaction going, keep adding baking soda and vinegar when the foam starts to slow. 

5. To make it change colours, add a tablespoon of vinegar mixed with one colour of food colouring every so often. Make sure to pour the coloured vinegar into the centre of the foam. 

What happens when the ingredients are mixed together? What can you see? What words can you use to describe the potion? Is it bubbly? fluffy? Soft? Colourful? What colours can you see? 

Happy potion making! :)

Make A Spell! 




Material Scavenger Hunt !




Building Toy seats!




Song of the Week



PLease see the LIttle Gym Activity website link in Summer 1 Week 5 - give it a try!