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Bedfont Primary School


Primary School

Summer 1 Week 5

Reading and Writing Activities 



Plant A Seed 



Watch the video then talk about it with an adult. Talk about what you notice and the changes you see. Are there any words that you don’t know, ask an adult to explain what it means?

For an extension, maybe you can try reading some of the words or sentences in this book. Please remember to email us a video of you reading, it would be lovely to see!

Daily Reading – Oxford Owl

Click on the link to go to the website:

This is a great website for free eBooks you can read at home. Choose one or two books and read them every day for a week, a bit like your Guided Reading book. Next week choose again. Your mum or dad will need to create a login to read the books first. There are lots of stories and information books so get busy reading and remember to use the sounds you have learned. We’d love to see you reading so….Don’t forget to email your photos or videos to us!

Writing Activities

Activity 1 -label a flower



Activity Two- Look What I have been growing at home! 



Activity 3 -Ask you teacher a Question! 



Topic Activities

Make a Flower 



What are the parts of a plant? 



Watch the video-

 Can you ask a grown up to read the questions of the quiz at the bottom of the video and try and have a go at answering them?

Scavenger Hunt



Celerating Eid 



At the end of the week, Muslims will be celebrating Eid. Due to Covid 19, celebrations will be different but perhaps you can make an Eid card for a friend and post it to them? Watch the video below to find out how you to celebrate Eid.

Construction Challenge



Song of The Week



Physical Development 



Why Don't you try the link below to help keep active!