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Bedfont Primary School


Primary School

Summer 1 Week 5

Week 5 - Snails ! 



Listen to this Story below




Once you  have listened to the story  can you make your own snail trail in the garden or indoors? You  use different types of objects to make a tunnel - a steep hill, a bridge the snail in the story.                                                                               Talk to your child using prepositional language used in the story for example up, down, over, across, past, as your child moves around the trail.   You can use cardboard boxes , chairs, cushions, anything you have to hand that is safe to use, can be made into a snail trail. You could even draw a trail on the floor with chalk to follow around the garden. 

Type up or write your child's name clearly on a sheet of paper and show them it daily to help them to recognise their name. If you feel your child is ready, introduce the initial sound of their name and show them how to write it. Maybe they could start to copy other letters from their name. It doesn't matter if it doesn't look like it at first and it doesn't matter if they are not ready to do this yet, the important thing is that they are starting to give meaning to the marks they make.  

Do some mark making with your child encourage your them to follow simple lines and hold the pencil with three fingers.

Physical Development- fine motor skills                                                                     Below we have attached some  work sheets to help with pencil control and scissor control- why don't you have a go? IF you do not have access to a printer you could make your own patterns for your child to try

Maths                                                                                                                         We have attached some snails with numbers on them that you could use to play a game with.  Throw a dice and find the snail with the matching number of dots.

Song of the week- 5 little snails 



Can you make five snails and join in with the song? encourage your child to count how many are left after each verse.

Topic Exploration



Have a look at this real snail!  We are looking at the features of a snail, the hard shell and soft body.  The way they move and leave a trail behind.  Why don't you trying copying the pattern on a snails shell or moving slowly like a snail.  What must it feel like to carry a shell on your back?  Can you attach a pillow to your back and slither along the floor!!


Can you make the play dough recipe attached? ,  let your child help you to make it.  You can add colour ( food colouring ), smells ( bubble bath , herbs, spices ) or texture ( pasta, lentils ) to the play dough, to give different experiences and introduce different language.  Explore  the play dough using all senses. Use language such as roll, squeeze. Try to make a snail using the play dough by rolling a long piece of play dough into a sausage like shape and rolling it up to make the spiral pattern of the shell.

Tape some toys to the table or to a surface and let your child rescue them with safe scissors or by picking off the tape