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Bedfont Primary School


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Summer 1 Week 3

This week we are learning all about Ladybirds! Please see the other tabs in "Summer term" for all previous learning this term. 




Listen to the story  to talk to your child about how the ladybird is feeling at different times in the story. Are you lazy sometimes? Talk about what the ladybird looks like? how many legs and spots does it have? Ask your child if they enjoyed the story.     Pick your favourite picture or animal in the story.  Why do you like it? 




Please see the attached sheet with ladybirds and numbers on it.  Try adding the correct number of spots to each ladybird.

Topic Exploration 

Make a Ladybird

Find a smooth stone in your garden or on your daily exercise walk. Turn it into a ladybird by  Colouring it or painting it and count on the spots.

If you have red paint at home, try printing with an apple cut in half, it makes a good shape for a ladybird,  or make any bug you feel like making. Don't forget to add legs, wings, spots or stripes to your bug.

Bug Hotel

Make a hotel for bugs!  You need newspaper and a bucket, roll the paper into tight rolls and put into a bucket. Put this in your garden and check it in a week to see if you have any residents!  Bugs also like to live under things , so if you have any old bricks or tiles you can make a hotel with these too.  if your grown up lets you, you can dig in the soil to see if you can find any bugs, centipedes , worms and millipedes 

 Can you draw pictures of some of the insects you find.​​​​​​?

Song of the Week