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Bedfont Primary School


Primary School

Summer 1 Week 2




Go for a walk in the Garden- what mini beasts can you find? 


 Please listen to the story "Mad about Mini beasts". 



What is your favourite mini beast? Can oyu draw a picture and tell your adult about it? 

Make a minibeast!

Make minibeasts using recyclable materials , egg boxes, yoghurt pots.  Give it wings, legs, spots, whatever you want.  You could use pegs for the legs , how many legs does your mini beast have?

Make a home for your minibeast, either with toy construction or outside with natural materials - stones, grass, twigs, leaves. etc. What will they need in their home? what will they eat?  Make sure they can fit in it!

Movement Activity

Try pretending to be a minibeast,  flutter like a butterfly, crawl like a spider. etc.  I have attached some action cards to help with some ideas.

Song of the week

I have attached the words to a song I would like them to learn called "Lots of Minibeasts"

stay tuned for the video next week!