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Bedfont Primary School


Primary School

Summer 2 week 5

Maisie Goes Camping! 



Listen to the Story 




Keep writing the postcards,  this time send them from your camping holiday. There is a postcard template attached below for oyu to use or you could make you own at home.  What is the weather like?  what are you doing on your holiday? use the postcards to practice letters from your name. 

Continue to explore this topic through the following activities! We would love to see some photos so don't forget to send any to the class email address! 

  • After listening to the story, think about what Maisie needed to take camping with her.  Try building a camping role play area in your garden or inside your house.  all you need is some blankets,  pegs,  a chair, sleeping bag if you have one, torch.  You can make a pretend camp fire and use some real pots and pans and real food to pretend to make breakfast and dinner.
  • Try making lunch or a snack outside with your family.  you could divide the food between the plates ,  count out how many plates you need.  Let your child do as much of this as possible, they will be able to pour small amounts of drink into plastic cups. 

Make Some binoculars.....



    What can you see using your binoculars? Have a look at what Hayley saw in her garden...




  • make some natural paintbrushes for making marks with.  Collect some sturdy leaves or blades of grass taped together.  tape them to the end of a twig and you can dip them in paint and paint with them.  Look at and talk about the different marks that each paintbrush makes.
  • Read some of your favourite books in your camp, use cushions, sleeping bags or blankets to make it cosy.



  • Last week Maisie went on holiday by train.  What other ways of travelling on holiday can you think of?  Try building some of your ideas with construction, either building blocks or recyclable materials.  You can even build big versions of them eg make a train with lots of chairs in a row and get your family to buy tickets to get on the train,  you can pretend you're flying to another country - use cardboard boxes to sit in. 
  • Cut out some tickets and draw or write on the ticket where you/they are travelling to
  • plan your construction by drawing it on paper before you start.  What do you need to make it? how many wheels does it need?
  • Spend some time looking at photos of old holidays.  Let your child point out and name people in the photos.  Do they remember the holiday.  What are they doing in the picture?  point out and name things in the picture adding a second word or extending the sentence to what they say , introducing new vocabulary. For example if they only say ball, you can say blue ball.   
  • Song of the week-  I travelled over land and sea




    Listen carefully for the instructions and join in with the song.