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Speech and Language Therapy


This document aims to help you structure your day with your child.

  • Please remember how much you value your daily routine. If you do, help your children to create a new structured routine during this period;
  • Make sure you keep a consistent waking up and going to bed time;
  • Encourage your children to complete academic tasks provided by their teachers and yet focus on offering opportunities to play, have fun and work on skills that are necessary for learning;
  • When necessary, use visual support to help your children understand that you are in a new routine, but they still have expectations, predictability and time to choose activities and have fun;
  • Try to encourage children to have a positive mind-set, especially during this period; prompt children to think about 3 positive things that happened throughout the day, and even if they have difficulties expressing their feelings, let them know 3 things that they did well during the day;
  • Use this time to spend quality time together;
  • School staff, health professionals and everyone around will be here to support you! Please let us know if you need anything.
  • The timetable below (page 2 & 3) is an example, to guide you how to structure your child’s day; feel free to adapt it to your child’s interests, needs and family routine.
  • If in any case you can’t find a card of your child’s favourite toy, take a picture and print it out.
  • Refer to page 4 and beyond for more general activities for target Speech and Language development.

Please contact your Speech and Language Therapist if you have any questions about this information.

Patricia de Guzman
Speech Language Therapist
Hounslow & Richmond Community Healthcare
0208 9733 480

See the word document below for a visual timetable.