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Bedfont Primary School


Primary School

Reception Videos

Some children have been sending in videos of their work below! 

Harvey has made a first aid kit



Anaya talks about the story My Monster and Me! 



Manaas tells the story " We're Going on a Bear Hunt"- well done Manaas!




Manaas sings the friends to 10 song!



Harvey doing his writing 



Nirbaan waves his wand and makes a spell! 



Elsie does a hand stand! 



Here is a very special video of Darcy and Ariana and their parents having a ride on a broom! 



Maanas sings the days of the week



Aruana shows us the puppets she has made!



Maanas shows us his home made instruments!



Darcy's puppets! 



Harvey does his phonics lesson!



Singing and Dancing at home! 



Harvey makes pizza with his sister!



Music at home! 



Super Potato!




Artur retells the story of Too Many Carrots!





Ameer talks about the story