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Welcome to Ducklings Nursery

Our Spring 1 term topic is “How does that building stay up?”‚Äč


Where do you live? What is your home like? What type of home do your friends and family live in? What do homes look like in different parts of the world? What materials can we use to build?


We will be talking about the different houses that we live in and making comparisons between different types of buildings. We will also be exploring different materials that we use to build and talking about what the materials feel like.


We will read the story ‘The Three Little Pigs’ to help support the children’s understanding of the use of different types of materials used to build homes and then we will also read the story ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’ to talk about other things that we can build such as bridges.


To include mathematical learning into this theme, we will continue to work on our counting skills while counting bricks and continue to work on recognising numerals 1-10. We will also begin to use the language of ‘short’ and ‘tall’ to compare buildings and also begin to use positional language such as ‘under’ and ‘over’.


Our phonics continues with phase 1 of Letters and Sounds, where we will begin to explore body percussion and voice sounds.


Parent Support

Talk to your child about your home and other buildings that they can see when out and about. Encourage them to think about which materials might have been used to build this building and use descriptive language to talk about size, shape, colour. Can they spot any numbers or shapes on different houses?

Thank you

  • How Can you help?

    Ask your child to explain what they did at nursery during the day

  • Continue to encourage independent toileting
  • Encourage your child to put their coat on themselves
  • Discuss who is in your family

The Hungry Little Minds – a three-year campaign to encourage parents and carers to engage in activities that support their child’s early learning and help set them up for school and beyond.

This website is excellent for you and your child from birth to six years old. It has useful ideas and games you can play. Follow the link below.