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World Book Day Thursday 5th March Come and Read 8.45 – 9.30am

Bookfair Tuesday 10th to Friday 13th March

Wednesday 1st April  9.00 am Year 1 Spring Assembly 2.45pm Year 3 Spring Assembly

World Book Day Thursday 5th March

Next Thursday we will be celebrating World Book Day.  All children are invited to dress up as a book character and bring the book if possible. Please don’t go out and buy a costume, we’ve had some fantastic very simple home-made costumes in the past. The World Book Day website has lots of ideas:

Prizes will be awarded to the children with the most creative costumes.

Children will be given a book voucher to spend at our book fair in a couple of weeks time.

Come and Read for World Book Day

Parents and carers are welcome to come and read with their child in class Unfortunately, no toddlers or babies are allowed at this event. Come and Read will take place from 8.45 to 9.30am . Nursery times will be slightly different so keep an eye out for the nursery ping.

Road to Tokyo

We have some fantastic news about the Road to Tokyo competition. We are pleased to announce that Heron class have been awarded prizes for beating their activity targets. They reached over 6000 hours and will be receiving signed memorabilia and t-shirts to wear in PE lessons.


We are getting daily updates about the coronavirus and we will continue to update parents when it becomes available.

Please do read the letter sent to you and follow the guidance provided


Changes to KS2 Hot meals

We have changed the way Key Stage 2 children get their lunch each day so that we can offer even greater variety and greater choices. The children now collect their food from the counter and have a choice of vegetarian, meat, baked potato/pasta dish or a sandwich and then a delicious pudding.

I know a number of parents had the opportunity to try the food during parents evening and know how good it is. We provide a hot, healthy lunch for a very reasonable price of £2.30.

With regard to packed lunch, we are increasingly concerned by the contents of some packed lunches and the nutritional value of them. We will now be sending reminders to parents about what  constitutes a healthy lunch. A healthy lunch supports learning and well-being.

Here is a website that will help you with ideas.

Can I remind you that sweets and chocolate are not permitted in school lunch boxes


FREE hot meals in KS1 and EYFS

Hot school lunches are free for all Reception and Key Stage 1 children. The meals are always hot and served to the children by our excellent lunchtime staff. If your child is having a packed lunch, I would strongly recommend that you switch to a hot school meal that is free.


Hockey Tournament

Congratulations to the children that took part in the hockey tournament. Mr Field was very proud of their performance. The children made it to the last 16 teams but lost on a penalty shootout. This is another successful tournament with Bedfont becoming a real force to be reckoned with.

Tennis in Year 4

Year 4 have started tennis sessions with Dukes Meadow coaches. They have had a very successful first week and this will continue until Easter.

Footbal League

The Year 5 and 6 Borough Football League will be starting in the next couple of weeks so please keep an eye out for our results.