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Dear Parents/Carers

Re-opening of Bedfont Primary School to Children in Year 6, Year 1, Reception and Nursey Children

The safety of all the children, parents and staff of Bedfont Primary School is of paramount importance and it is essential that this letter is read carefully and is understood.  

A copy of this letter will be found on the website so that parents can make use of the translation aspect of the school website, if this is needed.

Safety of all

To ensure that all of the children, parents and staff are kept as safe as possible, we will be arranging our reintroduction to school as a phased return.  We have done this so that each aspect of the re-opening can be evaluated on an ongoing basis, so that we can minimise any risk.   These decisions have been based around four guiding principles:

  1. Hygiene – that we can maintain high standards of hygiene throughout the school day.  This will include regular hand cleaning, use of hand sanitiser and the cleaning of hard surfaces.  Children will not be permitted to wear masks at school.
  2. Social distancing and safe movement around the school – as you are aware, social distancing is a great challenge for children. We must try to maintain social distancing during classtime, playtime and lunchtime.  Children will be kept within a fixed social bubble and will not mix with any other children or adults outside of their bubble during the school day.
  3. Being responsible – that all children and adults can stick to the established rules so that we can effectively achieve the above two points
  4. Health and testing – that children at home are not sent to school if they, or a member of their household, show symptoms.  All children of the class will be sent home if they, or their group leader, show any symptoms.  We will require a test before children/adults return to school.

We reserve the right to complete temperature checks on arrival.

Based on these principles we have made the following decisions:

  1. School will run from Monday to Thursday.   School will be closed each Friday for all children.   There will be no breakfast club or after care at this present time.
  2. We will start with Year 6 children on Wednesday 10th June.  These children are the oldest and will find social distancing and hygiene rules less problematic.
  3. Our key worker children will return to school on Monday 1st June. Children that have not accessed this group before will not be permitted until the week beginning 8th June.
  4. The first children to be returned to school will be based on those parents in Year 6 that have expressed their interest.  These children, and these alone, will be reintroduced to school.  No further children will be admitted to this group and the provision will be reviewed on the week beginning 24th June.
  5. A letter will be sent to all Year 6 parents closer to the start date of 10th June.
  6. A new Home-School Agreement will be shared and must be signed before children return to school.  Children and adults will be refused entry/attendance to school if any of these rules are broken.  This is to keep our whole community safe.
  7. We will reintroduce Year 1 on Wednesday 17th June and Reception on 24th June. At present Nursery  will not be returning to school due to not having the sufficient space to cater for them. These dates will depend on the successful reintroduction of each previous group and overall success of this mammouth undertaking.  THIS MAY CHANGE but this our initial plan.

School dinners and packed lunches:

  1. We will not be serving hot lunches - children will be eating in their classrooms or outside. This is to maintain their fixed social bubble.  We request all parents to send children to school with a packed lunch.  Children that receive a free school meal will receive a school packed lunch each day.  Free school meal children that attend school will continue to receive food parcels from the Salvation Army. 

Responsible behaviour at home and school:

All families and staff attending school will receive a daily reminder of the symptoms of Covid 19. We insist that you act responsibly and follow all our guidance.  By being responsible and consistent in our approach we will keep each other safe.


To keep our whole community safe, any child that intentionally breaks social distancing rules, or fails to follow the clear instructions from staff, will be sent home from school immediately.   The length of time of any exclusion will depend on the severity and persistent nature of the behaviour.  This is to keep us all safe.


Your child may not be taught by their usual teacher. Teachers will be delivering the online learning content to the children in school. This is the same online learning activities children not attending will receive.

There will not be able to have assemblies, sports or singing lessons during this period.  We will however make good use of our outdoor areas to minimise transmission and maximise vitamin D (sunshine).

Online learning activities will continue to be set for all children not attending school each day.


I hope this letter answers some of your questions and demonstrates our intent to keep our community as safe and healthy as we possibly can.

    Thank you for your continued support.

Kind regards

Mr G Davis

Organising your day

This is never easy but a routine helps everyone. I would create your own. It can be fun to do and it is a great way to end the day. Both you and your child know what is happening the next day, which can be comforting. However, if you would like some support, you can look at the timetable links we have included below.

Pufflings/Nursery/Reception Year 1 and 2

Year 3, 4 , 5 and 6

Daily Lessons from the BBC for children in year groups 1 – 6.

The BBC have been working with experts across the country to develop interactive daily learning experiences.

We have adapted the school website so that you can access them easily.

We expect all children to try their best to do these each day. We understand families have individual personal circumstances which may prevent this but please do your best.

You will find daily, english and maths lessons and other subjects too.

Learning for children in pufflings, Nursery and Reception

Unfortunately, the BBC does not have interactive lessons for children in year groups below year 1. However, we will be updating our website weekly with activities for your children to complete.

Other ways of learning

Learning should be fun whether you are at school or at home. We have created a tab on the website where we have shared a number of activities that you can complete with your child.

Sending work to school

Now the Easter holiday is over. We would like children to start sending examples of work to the class email addresses. The teachers check these daily and love to see the work that has been completed.

Oddizzi World Explorer Challenge

Even though we are all trapped in our houses it does not mean we cannot explore the world and even our homes. From Monday, all children will be able to access a World Explorer Challenge. Please give it a go. We will upload the challenge pack on to the website each week.

You can access it by inserting the class name and year group onto the online site.

For example:

If your child is in Seagull Class in Year 2 their class username will be: seagull2

If your child is in Heron Class in Year 5 their class username will be: heron5

The password for every account is bedfont.

Digimap for schools

This is a digital mapping website. If you go to the website, there’s a Home-Schooling tab which has lots of ideas of activities to do at home on Digimap for Schools. They also have a YouTube channel which has a few useful videos about home-schooling using Digimap for Schools.

The log in details for this are as follows and are the same for everyone.

Username: TW149QZ

Password: ploals3474

Go online here:

If you have any problems with Oddizzi or Digimap websites or questions about these resource, please email

Free School Meals

The school is providing food parcels via the Salvation Army. We are therefore not providing vouchers for FSM pupils. May I also use this opportunity to thank the teachers and support staff who have been helping put packing and delivering the food parcels to our community.

If you need some help

Please remember our team is here to help, if you need some support or someone to talk to then please do make contact our Office at