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Humanities at Bedfont Primary 

At Bedfont Primary School we believe that Humanities play a key part in a broad and balanced curriculum. The Humanities have a crucial role in helping children to:

  • explore the purpose and meaning of their lives,
  • build their sense of identity and self-worth and
  • develop the values that will help them to become active, responsible, inclusive and thoughtful citizens.

We aspire to provide a Humanities curriculum which inspires our pupils to become confident, creative and independent learners who have built their own identities through diverse learning, building their knowledge of our diverse community, as well as an understanding and appreciation of differing cultures both on a local and a global scale. Our Humanities curriculum aims to produce life-long learners who think critically to understand the world around them. It provides our children with the cultural capital which allows them to become educated citizens of the world. 

Understanding the World (UW) is one of the four specific areas of learning in the EYFS framework. In Early Years, it is of the utmost importance for children to make sense of their physical world through observation, sensory experiences, exploration and find out about places, people, technology, and the environment. In Reception, UW revolves around understanding the concepts of past and present, acquiring knowledge about people, culture and communities and exploring and experiencing the natural world. Through our inclusive planning and continuous provision, we deeply focus on giving all children the support, the safety and the independence to thrive and experience the world as a fundamental part of their development.

Geography at Bedfont Primary inspires pupils to become global citizens by exploring their own place in the world, their values and their responsibilities to other people, to the environment and to the sustainability of the planet.

As Geographers we will begin to understand the world around us, helping to answer and challenge the big questions about our planet. We will get out of the classroom and explore the local area, learning through first hand experiences. Our curriculum aims to stimulate interests and a sense of wonder in our pupils, supporting them making sense of the complex world around them. In KS1 we begin to explore the UK, learning where places are, how landscapes are formed and how people and their environment interact. Through a carefully planned curriculum this learning will be applied and extended as they progress through the school. With climate change such an important part of modern day, we believe it is important that children at our school have the opportunity to understand how precious our planet is and what they can do to begin to make a change. 

History at Bedfont Primary inspires pupils to be curious about Britain's past and that of the wider world. Our curriculum gives pupils the opportunity to learn about local History, significant people from the past and important events and time periods in British and World History. Through an enquiry-based approach, pupils at Bedfont Primary have the opportunity to develop skills of enquiry, chronology and interpretation and reflect on what they have learnt in order to answer the enquiry question.

History at Bedfont Primary aims to stimulate pupils' interest and understanding of the past, allowing them to develop an awareness of how the past has influenced our lives and will shape our future. Our History curriculum aims to support their understanding of change and societal development, how and why events happened, how people's lives have changed and relationships between different groups of people. 

Religion and Worldviews (RaW) at Bedfont Primary inspires pupils to discover and immerse in sustained shared thinking about compelling questions which are explored through different religions and worldviews. Principally, RaW are an integral part of everyday life for many pupils in the culturally diverse community of Bedfont Primary.

Our school follows the Hounslow Agreed syllabus ’Widening Horizons‘ and the Discovery RE scheme to equip pupils with the skills to acquire knowledge and understanding of the wider world. Teaching at Bedfont Primary enables pupils to develop their skills to think critically, to reflect and consider varied responses. Engaging and stimulating lessons encourage pupils to ask globally complex questions which can be addressed in a safe but challenging environment. Throughout each school year children will discover and understand aspects of Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Sikhism, Islam and Buddism.