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Bedfont Primary School


Primary School

Art And Design at Bedfont

“Creativity takes courage.”  – Henri Matisse

What would you expect to see in an art lesson at Bedfont? 

  • Children using art materials, techniques and skills OR discussing and sharing their opinions about art (theirs or others)
  • Children using their experiences, research and own ideas to inspire their work and create art
  • If painting, children following the whole school painting skills
  • Children reviewing and refining their work with self and or peer assessment and teacher feedback
  • Children sharing their opinions about great artists and peer work
  • Children demonstrating self confidence, resilience and security by taking risks, problem solving and being curious


What do pupils tell us about Art and Design?

How do you know when you have made progress in art?

‘We learn more and more each lesson. We add more skills on' - EL.R (Year 2)

'Because the more you learn, the more you can do it. It gets easier.' - R.R (Year 2)

'It doesn't look like how it was before. It looks better' (Year 3)

What is the importance of Art? 

'To improve, to be an artist, creativity' - H (Year 6 2020-21)

'It can calm you down' - S.A (Year 6) 

'We have art lessons to get better at drawing and painting' S (Year 5) 

'Improve own art' - K.D (Year 6)

'Art is my favourite subject. I like painting and drawing' - E.R (Year 2)