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Week 7- Remembering Special times in Nursery and Preparing for Reception! 

We cannot believe it is the end of the year and we are saying good-bye to you all. We know it has been a very different year and we are sad we did not get to have more time together- but so proud of all the nursery children and what they have achieved.

Here are some special videos from all your teachers in the nursery. We have all missed you so much and wanted to send you all a special good-bye message. We hope you enjoy them!












  • We would love to see your special messages too! Why don’t you make us a special message and upload it to tapestry? We would love to hear about what you have enjoyed, what you remember and what you will miss about being in the nursery!
  •  What was your favourite activity in the nursery classroom? Can you draw a picture and write down what you loved to do? 
  • We would love to see these drawings! Please take a photo and upload your nursery memories to tapestry or send them into the class email.

We know you are all going to love Reception and to help you continue to get ready we have made a list of activities you can do over the summer. If you have not been able to complete the previous week’s activities- they are all still on the website so still available for you to see!




Starting Reception



Watch this Topsy and Tim episode about Starting School



  • Do you feel nervous about going up to your big school? Talk with your grown-ups about your feelings and they can help you feel better. Try to think about things that you are looking forward to about going to big school.
  • Watch the video above about ‘Topsy and Tim – First Day at School’. How can you make going to school fun like Topsy and Tim did?
  • Make a “This is me“ chart or poster. Work with your grown-ups to talk about things you enjoy and things you are good at. For example, you could draw a picture of yourself or stick a photo down and then write things around. Example: “I am good at puzzles. I am good at tidying my room. I am good at helping my family. I am good at building with my blocks.” – ask your grown-ups to help you with writing the words if you need help. There is a template attached below if you would prefer to not make your own.
  • Check out our ‘Getting Ready for Reception’ tab that shows a checklist for things to practise in order to get ready for Reception. This includes things like practising cutting with scissors, practising putting on shoes and a coat independently, practising using a knife and fork to feed yourself and toilet training.
  • If you are feeling upset or worried, it is important to talk to your grown-ups or someone you trust about it. Other ways to help you feel relaxed could be to have a stress ball to squeeze, to listen to calm music, do some yoga or dancing, draw a picture or engage in a fun activity with your family.
  • Here is a link to cosmic yoga below for you to try:


    Here is a lovely book that describes lots of different feelings you may be feeling. Enjoy it together! How does your heart feel today?



  • Here is a song about feelings as well- it is ok to have lots of different feelings about going to Reception! 









  • Watch the story of ‘The Gruffalo’ – can you identify the rhyming words? Do you remember all the different features and describing words of what the Gruffalo is like?
  • Design and draw your own creature and explain it to your grown-ups using describing words (is it big? Is it fluffy? Is it slimy?).
  • Write a letter to a friend or a family member. If you know where they live, you can either post it or deliver it to their door. Ask your grown-ups for help to write “To ______ (friend’s name) and then from ______ (your name) “.  Tell them all about the different things that you have been doing at home - you could always add a nice picture at the bottom of the letter too.
  • Draw a self-portrait of yourself. Describe yourself to your grown-ups (are you tall or short? Do you have brown hair or blonde hair? Do you have brown eyes or blue eyes?).
  • Draw a picture of your favourite things! What do you like to do at home? What is your favourite toy to play with? Where is your favourite place to go? What do you like to eat?
  • Continue practising writing your name, getting all the letters in the right order and working hard on the letter formation.
  • Use writing in your role-play activities at home as much as possible. For example, if you are playing that you are a waitress in a café, then write down everyone’s food orders on a piece of paper.
  • Check out our phonics page for different activities on letters and sounds. There are lots of interactive games on . Focus on games in just ‘phase 1’ and ‘phase 2’ (as this is what the children have learnt so far). All games and resources are currently free if you use the username: march20 and password: home
  • Read a book every night with your grown-ups! Listen to your grown-ups read the story to you and talk about the main characters, events and settings from the story. Sometimes, why not try making up your own story yourself by looking at the pictures within a book.

Maths ideas:



  • Continue practising your counting skills – if you can already count objects up to 10, try to count up to 20! Make sure you count slowly and point to each object one at a time.
  • Continue practising recognising numbers 1 to 10. Play a variety of different games and activities to practise number recognition such as number hunts in the environment, number bingo, matching number cards.
  • Continue practising forming numbers 1 to 10, either on paper or in other ways. Try a variety of different activities such as creating your own number line or making price tags.
  • Continue practising recognising different 2d shapes (in Nursery, we have focussed on circle, square, rectangle and triangle). Play a variety of different games and activities to practise shape recognition such as shape hunts in the environment, shape bingo, matching shapes, making pictures out of shapes.
  • There are lots of different maths games to play online to practise your skills. Try or .
  • There are also various maths worksheets that you can find online and print off, such as