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Activities at home

Summer 2 Week 7    Maisie's Plane



 Maisie is flying in a plane - Where is she going?
What does she do on the plane? Have you ever been on a plane before?
What sounds can you hear in this book?



Topic Exploration

Pretend you are going to visit your friend on a plane like Maisie,  pack your suitcase , buy a ticket, go to the airport.  What are you going to do when you get there?  Maybe you could go on a picnic.

Plan a picnic with your family or your teddies.  Can you make some sandwiches ,  bake some cakes and cut up some fruit to have at the picnic.  Share the food between the plates.

Attached below are some instructions on how to make a paper aeroplane. Get an adult to help you make one , then make a target or cut some circles out of a piece of cardboard and add points to each circle. Play an aiming game , try to throw the plane into the circle or see how far your plane will travel. Who can fly it the furthest?

If you visit a beach or go for a walk in the holidays collect some Items such as shells or pine cones, count and sort them into shape , size, colour.

Physical Activity

Use the attached set of songs by the sticky kids to do a music and movement session.  Listen to the instructions given in the song and do the actions. Can you stretch up very tall? can you bend down very small?  Listen to it a few times and let your child lead a session telling you what you should be doing.






Song  of the Week 5 little aeroplanes - count the planes at each step of the song, how many left. Can you join in with the song



Getting Ready for Nursery! 



A video of me reading Going to Nursery -  What would you like to play with when you go to nursery? Are you excited about starting Nursery?

Practice name recognition.  Can your child recognise their name when it is written down.  Start to talk about the letters and the sounds the letters make for example SSS SSS for Susie. What else begins with that letter

Make a poster or a little book to take to your new school so that they can learn something about you and get to know you. Draw a picture of yourself and your family, talk about things you like to do. What have you been doing in lockdown? Who were you with? Did you learn a new skill?

and continue to do the following......

For children who are starting Nursery this year,  now is a great opportunity to start potty training ready for school. Just remember to be patient , it won't happen overnight!  There are lots of different ways and methods gor potty training; this most important thing is to be positive and give it time. 

Keep practising writing letters from your name and using a name card for recognising your name.

Provide lots of opportunities for children to be independent in preparation for school. This includes:

  •  putting on their own shoes,
  • putting on their coat
  • taking themselves to toilet and washing their own hands. 
  • Wiping their nose when needed and putting the tissue in the bin. 
  • Anything that they can have a go at themselves , even if you help a little,  will help to build their confidence and self care
  • follow a 1- 2 part direction
  • express when they need help

Most importantly have fun and have conversations, talk through everything you do and encourage them to join in.!