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Bedfont Primary School


Primary School



Practise writing your name.

Use a capital letter for the first letter, then lower case for the others. Please see the letter formation sheet for guidance.

Sing some nursery rhymes together and see if the children know the rhyming words. For example – twinkly twinkle little STAR how I wonder what you ARE.

Read a book with your child- ask them questions about what they see and what they think will happen.


Practise counting objects to 10, saying 1 number for each object. Use blocks/duplo/cubes/lego etc. to measure different objects and things around the house.


Watch this video which shows the life cycle of a caterpillar and talk about the changes the happen.

Complete the life cycle activity sheet – cut out the pictures and stick them in the right order. IF no access to a printer- why don’t you draw your own pictures to cut out and put in order?

The children have learnt this cycle is never ending – the butterfly then lays an egg on a leaf and the cycle goes on and on!