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Curriculum Information Autumn 2017


In Year 2, the children will continue to practice daily phonics to support their reading, writing and spelling strategies. They will work on the phases that are suitable for their stage of learning.

Phonics Phase 5. The children will continue to use a range of spellings for all sounds they have learned. They will learn a wider range of spelling choices for all sounds.They will practice breaking up longer words using their phonics strategies. They will be learning to read and spell words on their 100 words spelling list. These are all on the middle pages of their reading records.

In reading, we will continue to read and listen to a wide range of stories, poems and information texts to help develop a love of reading. We will continue to learn a range of strategies that we can use to help us read new words and to help us understand our texts. Children will continue to bring reading books home. Please read a little as often as possible and ensure your child brings their book bag to school every day. 

In writing, we will be revising our oral rehearsing to make sure we write correct sentences that are interesting to read. We will be focusing on retelling stories through speaking and writing this term. We will use our spelling strategies from phonics and make sure we are using past tense verbs in our writing.


We follow the Penpals Handwriting scheme of work.  This half term we will be revising our sitting positions, size and formation of our letters and making sure they start in the correct place. Look out for examples of our handwriting in book bags.


This half term we will be consolidating our understanding of numbers to 100 and beyond, making sure we can explain and use the value of each digit in different places. We will continue to develop our reasoning and explanation skills to help us discuss our learning more fully. We will recap our addition and subtraction strategies looking to see if we are developing more efficient strategies.


We will begin our new topic called ‘The Circus is coming to Town’. In Science we will be investigating a range of materials and investigating their properties. We will conduct simple experiments to test different materials and develop our observation and recording skills. In Design and Technology, we will be making our own circus tents and making sure they are stable.

Our RE topics this half term is pilgrimage. The children will be learning about journeys in different religions and why these are seen as important to the people undertake them.


This half term we will be developing our control skills linked to our Circus topic. We will concentrate on gross motor skills that support our abilities in a range of sports, including balance, travelling and throwing and catching skills.

Please make sure the children have the correct kit for these sessions and that all items are named.  Long hair should be tied back. In line with our school uniform policy, the only earrings permitted are small plain studs.  Children will be asked to remove all other earrings.

Seagull         Monday and Wednesday

Kingfisher     Monday ad Wednesday

Swan            Tuesday and Wednesday

Jigsaw PHSE

Y2 - Jigsaw Jo

Our mascot, Jigsaw Jo, will be helping us as we explore this term's puzzle:  "Being Me in My World".

SATS Information

Welcome to Year 2

Class Teachers

Swan:           Mrs Sachdeva and Miss Corfiled
Kingfisher:    Mrs Laffoley-Green
Seagull:        Mr Cambray

Teaching Assistants:      Mrs N. Saeed

                                       Mrs H. Burrage                                                                          Mrs M.Szeszko

  Mrs C. Mitchell

                                       Miss Kent

Other staff: Mrs Plummer and Ashley Field from Sportsplus.


We recommend that you visit this website, which is full of excellent guidance and resources. http://www.lesleyclarkesyntheticphonics.co.uk

Curriculum Information


We will be setting homework on Mathletics and Bug Club. Additional reading books will be in book bags which should be in school every day. Please support the children in accessing these sites. Each half term, the children will complete projects to support their IPC work. Please look out for these and additional activities in the children’s book bags.

Autumn 1 Homework Project

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