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Curriculum Information Autumn 2017


In reading, we will continue to improve our fluency and expression. This means the children will be thinking about how they use punctuation and expression in their voices when reading out loud.

In our literacy lessons, we will be writing postcards, letters and descriptions based on the characters and settings in our class books. We will continue to explore how to use noun phrases in our writing and make sure we are checking our own writing to look for errors or missing words.

During handwriting practise and writing lessons, children will continue to improve the size of capital and lower case letters. We will also start learning our first diagonal joins.  


We will be learning a range of strategies for addition and subtraction and practising counting backwards from any number in ones and tens. We will revise our number facts and use those to help us calculate. We will explore equal groups to learn about multiplication and division, including our 2, 5 and 10 times table.


We will con complete our Circus topic by designing tents that we think will be stable and share those with parents at the exit point.  

We will also begin our new topic at the end of November called ‘I’m Alive!’. This is a science topic looking at the needs of humans and animals and what it means to live a healthy lifestyle.

Our RE topics this half term is Light and Dark.


This half term we will be working on gymnastics skills including jumps and balances.

Please make sure the children have the correct kit for these sessions and that all items are named.  Long hair should be tied back. In line with our school uniform policy, the only earrings permitted are small plain studs.  Children will be asked to remove all other earrings.

Seagull         Monday and Wednesday

Kingfisher     Monday ad Wednesday

Swan            Tuesday and Wednesday

Jigsaw PHSE

Y2 - Jigsaw Jo

Our mascot, Jigsaw Jo, will be helping us as we explore this term's puzzle:  "Celebrating Differences".

SATS Information

Welcome to Year 2

Class Teachers

Swan:           Mrs Sachdeva and Miss Corfiled
Kingfisher:    Mrs Laffoley-Green
Seagull:        Mr Cambray

Teaching Assistants:      Mrs N. Saeed

                                       Mrs H. Burrage                                                                          Mrs M.Szeszko

  Mrs C. Mitchell

                                       Miss Kent

Other staff: MissGamperle and Ashley Field from Sportsplus.


We recommend that you visit this website, which is full of excellent guidance and resources. http://www.lesleyclarkesyntheticphonics.co.uk

Curriculum Information


We will be setting homework on Mathletics and Bug Club. Additional reading books will be in book bags which should be in school every day. Please support the children in accessing these sites. Each half term, the children will complete projects to support their IPC work. Please look out for these and additional activities in the children’s book bags.

Autumn 1 Homework Project

Circus Workshop

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