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Welcome to Year 4

Meet the Team

Class teachers:  

Eagle class:  Miss M. Connolly

Swift class: Mrs Welch and Mr Hughes

Chaffinch class:  Miss K. Hutcheson

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Stanley

Curriculum Information

Topic - Land, Sea and Sky

Plants and animals can adapt to living almost anywhere on our Earth. Wherever we look on the land, in the sea and in the sky, we find living things that have evolved in unique ways just to live there. In what ways are living things adapted to their habitats? 

In Science, we’ll be finding out:
•  How water plants are different from other plants
•  How fish have adapted to living in water
•  How birds are adapted to flying
•  How to create a classification key to group animals
•  About food chains in different world habitats
•  About the life cycles of plants and animals

In International, we’ll be finding out:
•  How environmental changes are a threat to the world’s coral reefs

 Please talk with your child about the huge variety of plants and animals in the world and how they are specially adapted to their environment. Find out about water habitats, e.g. ponds, rivers and oceans. Then contrast this with the dry conditions found in the desert and how wildlife has adapted to life with little water.

If your child has some work to research, please help them, but without actually doing the work. If you have the chance to further their interest in the ideas of this theme please take it, but your enthusiasm and interest is most important.



Meet the Year 4 Jiggy!

Our new PSHE scheme, Jigsaw, is having a big role across the school. Our mascot, Jigsaw Jaz, will be helping us as we explore this term's jigsaw: "Celebrating Differences".

Autumn Term 2017


We will be looking in detail at a range of books, including a biography of Neil Armstrong on which we will base a range of writing of our own.  We will share the novels ‘Christophe’s Story’ by Nicki Cornwell and ‘The Ice Palace’ by Robert Swindells.  We will look at the author’s style and the structure of their writing to help us develop our own styles.  We will complete a unit of work on ‘spooky stories’, thinking about how the author builds tension and can make the reader feel different ways.  Additionally, we will be writing persuasively, as well as learning about different styles of poetry.

In maths, we will be building on the core skills of number to strengthen our own knowledge.  We will be working with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, calculating mentally and develop written methods, using them to complete problem solving and reasoning tasks.  We will be developing our knowledge of place value, as well as working with fractions, decimals and percentages, and their equivalence.

PE will take place on alternate Wednesday afternoons for all year 4 classes.  Children will also take part in swimming, which will be on a Tuesday morning.  Mr Field, our specialist PE teacher, will teach the sessions in school, with qualified swimming teachers at the pool.  Children will be required to wear shorts, T-shirts and plimsolls when inside and can wear trainers and tracksuits when outside as the weather gets colder. Please make sure the children have the correct kit. Long hair should be tied back. In line with our school uniform policy, the only earrings permitted are small plain studs.

This term we will be developing our knowledge of the story of Rama and Sita, and their impact on the Hindu religion.  We will be preparing for the Diwali assembly later in the term.


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National Curriculum Y 4

Autumn term Homework

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