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Welcome to Year 4

The Year 4 team are looking forward to a busy and exciting Summer term!  

For topic work this term, we will begin by learning about the properties of materials in Science.  Following this, we will be beginning our '1066' topic, in which we will be learning about events leading up to the Norman invasion of England and the Battle of Hastings.  We have also begun to plan an exciting trip linked to this topic, more news to follow soon!  All the details about our term's learning can be found below in the 'Curriculum Information' section.      

It is very important that all children are prepared for learning, whether that is in class, or by making sure that they have the correct equipment for PE or swimming.  All children should have their PE kit: a plain white t-shirt, shorts, tracksuit bottoms for outdoor PE (which will continue into winter unless it is wet), plimsolls and trainers in school.  

If you have any questions, please see one of the team.

Year 4 Team

Meet the Team

Class teachers:  

Eagle class:  Miss Thompson

Swift class:  Mr Hughes and Mrs Welch

Chaffinch class:  Miss Lawrence and Mrs Welch

Teaching Assistants:  Mrs Stanley and Mrs Brown

Meet the Year 4 Jiggy!

jigsaw Jazz(1)

Our new PSHE scheme, Jigsaw, is having a big role across the school. Our mascot, Jigsaw Jaz, will be helping us as we explore this term's jigsaw: "Celebrating Differences".

National Curriculum Y 4

Spring term Homework

Summer Term 2018

Curriculum Information


Much of our literacy work this term will be linked to our 1066 topic, exploring a wide range of genres and writing job applications, poetry, diaries, play scripts and letters.  Following this, we will be learning to create an informative and interesting tour of our school. We will identify the key components of a tour, research interesting points of history related to our school and explore a range of presentation techniques.  During the final part of this term,  we will  explore a range of poems, focusing in depth on the work of two poets. 


In maths this term the children will be learning about 4 digit numbers, multiplying and dividing numbers by 10 and 100 and developing their knowledge of shape. They also learn to identify factors and multiples, and to find common factors. The children will learn to solve real life problems involving the 4 operations.

This term PE will take place on Tuesday afternoons for all three classes on rotation.  In addtition to this Chaffinch will have a slot on Monday morning, Eagle on Wednesday mornings, and Swift on Fridays.  Children will be required to wear shorts, T-shirts and plimsolls when inside and can wear trainers and tracksuits when outside whilst the weather remains cold. Please make sure the children have the correct kit. Long hair should be tied back. In line with our school uniform policy, the only earrings permitted are small plain studs.

In RE the children will learing how members of the Jewish faith show their commitment to God.

Topic – 1066

It’s probably the most famous date in English history... we’re travelling back to 1066! King Edward is dying, so we’ll write job applications for the role of King. We’ll research the events of 1066 using books and online information. What was the Battle of Hastings, and how did it change our country? We’ll discover what life was like for Norman people and dress up as Normans for the day. We’ll be history detectives, looking closely at the Bayeux Tapestry and sketching parts of it. We’ll use different source materials to research Norman castles and online maps to locate them. In English, we’ll write emotive poems about war and get into character to write diary entries. We’ll make a Domesday Book all about our class.

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