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Staff in Year 5

Osprey Class:   Mrs Duong
Falcon Class:   Miss C. Foreman  
Heron Class:    Mr M. Reynolds  

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Beaumont, Miss Lawrence
Other staff in Year 5:
Mrs Hamblin (Music)
Mr Field (PE)

National Curriculum Year 5

Autumn Term 2017

Welcome back to school following the half term break, we hope you have had a well-deserved rest.  As ever, we have got lots more fun activities planned for the second half of the Autumn term.

Our IPC topic this half term is called ‘Stargazers’, during which we will be learning about our solar system and the universe.  We very much enjoyed sharing the topic homework we completed last half term, and can’t wait to see the work produced by each class linked to this new topic. 

All our literacy for this second half of the autumn term will be based on the topic “Stargazer”. We will research information about astronauts and how they work and live in space and write different types of reports about them. We also will learn about the different phases of the moon and the Earth gravitation and write poems to describe our feelings about these aspects.

Finally, please remember to keep practising multiplication tables and mental maths on the MyMaths website, and to read as often as possible.  It is also important that everyone comes to school wearing the correct uniform and brings the appropriate kit for all PE lessons. 

 Mrs Duong, Miss Foreman and Mr Reynolds

Curriculum Information Autumn Term 2017

Our Topic for Autumn term 2 is Stargazers

In science, we’ll be:

  • finding out about the solar system and the name of all the planets
  • investigating the size of the Sun and the Moon in relation to the Earth
  • using scientific language to explain the rotation of the Earth around the sun
  • investigate the force of gravity of a range of objects
  • using a Newton meter to measure objects
  • exploring how craters are formed

    In history we will be:
  • learning about the history of the Earth and finding out about aspects of the past from a range of sources
  • examining reasons for and results of historical events, situations, and changes in the past
  • looking at some aspects of the past and how they have been represented and interpreted in different ways

    In art, we’ll be:
  •  using a wide variety of materials, forms and techniques to express  emotions, observations and experiences
  • making judgements about works of art, showing understanding, appreciation, respect and enjoyment as appropriate
  • talking about colours, shapes and patterns of a range of art works

    In DT, we will be
  •  designing a rocket
  •  testing a range of suitable materials for a hostile environment

    In computing, we will be
  • Creating a short fantasy film about aliens

    Homework is accessed through a variety of online learning tools, in particular MyMaths, Bug Club and Accelerated Reader. All children should have relevant log ins for each website.  Please continue to read with your child each day.

Jigsaw PSHE

Y5 - Jigsaw Jez

Our mascot, Jigsaw Jez, will be helping us as we explore this term's Jigsaw puzzle: "Celebrating Differences".

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