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Assessment Year 4

The previous system of levels (3c, 3b, etc) has been removed by the government because the new National Curriculum has much higher standards and expectations.  A national framework for reporting assessment only exists to report attainment at the end of Key Stages 1 and 2.

At Bedfont we assess pupils in a number of ways: on-going formative assessment in the classroom with marking which includes next steps; external tests, e.g. spelling and reading; end of term commercial schemes and end of year assessments.  At the end of each academic year your child will be assessed against their end of year group expectations.  We will inform you whether they are:

  • working towards age-related expectations
  • meeting age-related expectations
  • above age-related expectations

If your child is assessed as working towards age-related expectations, it means that they have not fully mastered the end of year objectives. Children assessed as working above age-related expectations are working in greater depth to the objectives mentioned. This means that your child is able to apply their learning in a range of different contexts.

Please click below to see what is expected to be learnt in order to be at age-related expectations.

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